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The H93 promotion supports the Society and Organizations Center led by Rodolphe Durand

What is the SnO Center ? 

Society and Organizations (SnO) is an inter-disciplinary center at HEC Paris. Organizations and firms face today numerous challenges: climatic constraints, social inequality, technological disruption, ecological aspirations, ethical imperatives, liberalization and regulation, and more.

The SnO Center brings together sixty professors and doctoral students to contribute to our understanding of these phenomena and to prepare future generations of managers to lead in these complex environments.

What is the ambition of the SnO Center ?  

- Become the first research Center on Business and Society. SnO gathers already about 50 researchers and Phd students, who have already published 80 articles in the past 5 years, and interact to develop research on these issues. SnO also belongs to top research international networks committed on societal issues.

- Train future managers and leaders, in order to be able to understand and answer todays challenges and become actors of transformation, contributing to an inclusive and sustainable economy..

How to support the Society and Organizations Center ?

If you are a French resident, you can make a gift by selecting an amount beside.  

If you live in the UK, you can make your gift here.

Want to support teaching:

30.000 € = organization of an annual event, to mobilize the whole HEC Community (students, faculty, alumni…) on the role of business in society and its necessary transformations (Climate is our Business in Oct 2015; Breakthrough positive Business Models in Oct 2016)

100.000 € = 100 Grande Ecole students coached individually to increase their self-awareness and define their professional project / contribution (‘Act your future/ Career Launch Pad’ program)

50.000 € = 25 students from Grande Ecole involved in social entrepreneurship projects (Fact Impact) and spending 2 months on the field

100.000 € = creation of business game / strategy game "Sustainable Globstrat": a business simulation that integrates the social and environmental dimensions of business 

Want to support research:

85.000 € = post-doc

40.000 € = 1 research assistant

80.000 € = 2 communication assistants (chargés de mission communication) who will translate international and SnO academic works into managerial language

25.000 € = organization of academic events (Medici Summer School with MIT and Bologna University; event with the international ARCS Network, with Call for Paper)

Rodolphe Durand (H.93)

Our mate, Rodolphe (H.93, PhD.HEC.97) is the academic director SnO Center.

He is Professor at the «Strategy and Business Policy» department, academic director of Grande Ecole’s Msc in Strategic Management, holder since 2010 of the «Business and Sustainability» Chair at HEC Paris. In 2008, Rodolphe set up the Society and Organizations research center, of which he is today the Academic Director.
Winner of several international awards, he has published numerous works including «The Pirate Organization» (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012 –in French at Bord de l’Eau Editions, 2010 with JP Vergne) and «Organizations, Strategy, and Society»  (Routledge, 2014 –in French “La Désorganisation du Monde” at Bord de l’Eau Editions, 2012). His primary research interests concern the social and institutional sources of competitive advantage and performance, and the legitimacy of management in the new contexts of capitalism.

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