Learning Expedition to Shenzhen, Hong Kong & San Francisco

par Fondation HEC

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Learning Expedition to Shenzhen, Hong Kong & San Francisco

par Fondation HEC

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Learning Expedition to Shenzhen, Hong Kong & San Francisco  - Fondation HEC

Learning Expedition to Shenzhen, Hong Kong & San Francisco

Next spring, students from the X-HEC Entrepreneurs will embark on an Entrepreneurship World Tour: one week in San Francisco and one week in Shenzhen / Hong Kong. 

Students will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn and discover global hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship with the most visionary startup ecosystems and connect with the brightest minds.

In this unique experience, students will :

  • Dive into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem: from the best tech companies (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, etc.) to startups, incubators, investors, universities, and innovation labs
  • Live an immersive experience in one of the world’s hearts of innovation, sharing their vision and start-up projects.
  • Share and connect with VIPs  (entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, etc.) who will be accompanying the trip

Your donations will help us finance this program for students following the X-HEC Entrepreneurs master. X- HEC Entrepreneurs is a joint program between Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Entrepreneurs. This one year Master of Science brings together 110 students from many different backgrounds: Polytechnique and HEC last year students but also external students (medical, law, politics, hospitality, etc.).

With our hands-on approach, we teach them the mindset and skills of entrepreneurship. During the year, they form teams and create their own start-ups. This trip happens just after their first 3 months rush on their start-up, and is ideally positioned to inspire them with ambition and open their minds to broader perspectives.

Thank you for your generous support! 

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