Ils ont besoin de nous demain, nous avons besoin de vous aujourd'hui !

They need us tomorrow, we need you today !

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Tax deduction

The donation to Fondation Positive Planet is tax-deductible in France, you will receive a receipt.

Your donation will only cost you 0 € after the tax deduction.

Private individual
  • Private individual : You can deduct 66% of your donation in the limit of 20% of your taxable income. If you are liable for Real estate tax, you benefit from a reduction of your IFI equal to 75% of the amount of your donation, up to the limit of 50 000 euros. Warning the fraction of donation that gave rise to reduction of IFI, can not be combined, to reduction of IR. When the donation is eligible for both, the donor can choose one or the other, or decide to allocate the donation.

Pourquoi nous soutenir

La mission de Positive Planet est de donner aux populations les plus fragiles les moyens d'entreprendre et de créer les conditions d'une résilience et d'un épanouissement professionnel, culturel et sociable durable.

A travers nos actions en France et à l'international, nous voulons créer les conditions d'un monde meilleur pour les générations futures.

Chaque contribution est décisive pour nous permettre de poursuivre nos actions en 2018.

Plus d'informations :

Positive Planet's mission is to give everyone the means to become entrepreneurs and to create the conditions for a viable and inclusive economic development for today and tomorrow. 

Worldwide, we are working to create a better world for future generations.

Each contribution is decisive for us to continue our actions in 2018.

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