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Solutions to the problem of plastic are found in nature itself, just give them a chance!

FungiLife is an association created to finance the research for a fungus capable of degrading the plastic named Pestalotiopsis Microspora.

Discover here how FungiLife was born and how you support can help us realize this great project!

How are we going to use your donations?

FungiLife wants to set up a laboratory and buy the necessary equipment to study the fungus.

if we get 20 000€, we can:

- Rent a laboratory for a year

- Buy the machines that allow us to start the investigations (autoclaves, water distiller, laboratory fume hood, oven, among others) and all the equipment like the plates of agar plates, the boxes of kneaded, the material of protection.

- Pay the salary of our collaborators for the first months

- Start the first small scale test

if we exceed 20 000€, we can:

- Fund biologists´research for at least one year (if we reach the required amount).

- Install a security system for the laboratory.

- Install an air conditioning system in the laboratory.

- Financing advanced equipment

- Make tests for larger scale

Our team

Elodie and Nina Vernay: Legal representation of the FungiLife association.

Sebastian Zapata and Juan David Martin: volunteers of the FungiLife association.

Maria Fernanda Cardona Gutierrez: biologist responsible of the first research of the fungus Pestalotiopsis Microspora.

Isabel Zapata: Graphic designer who created all the images of FungiLife. She did an amazing job adapting to all our request!      

Who supports us?

Bulko : Eco-responsible groceries of bulk products in Lyon. Bulko wants to facilitate access to the zero waste lifestyle by offering a wide choice of products sold without packaging and workshops around a responsible way of life. Lyon 1

Zéro déchet je me lance : group offering recipes, tips, ideas to evolve towards this way of life.

Anciela : Anciela is an independent association that encourages and supports citizens' commitments and initiatives in favor of an ecological and socially responsible society, in Lyon and its surroundings! They helped us a lot by accompanying us in our efforts, believing in them, and advising us....

Le Labo Collectif : Association which aims to promote mediation between individuals by offering workshops to facilitate dialogue.

Lamazuna: an ecological and innovative French brand offering ecological and practical solutions to everyday disposable products, especially in the bathroom.

Blutopia: A great project to make a film by touring 7 countries to meet the actors who work for the cleaning of the oceans. We, of course, support their project and follow them carefully! Go to their Facebook page "Blutopia" or their Instagram ""

A la source: A grocery store in Lyon that promotes local agriculture and zero waste. Another actor who acts for the environment by proposing alternatives for our consumption! Feel free to visit their website or their Facebook "A la source".

Many other structures support us and we thank them for it. We will be sure to refresh this page to add their contact!

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The natural solution to the problem of plastic

par fungilife

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