530 energetic women


530 energetic women


530 energetic women in Benin fighting against rural poverty

In Benin, more than half the population live below the poverty line, most of them in rural areas. Processed farm produce (oil, groundnut butter, maize flour, palm-oil soap, etc.) offers great potential as a sustainable route out of poverty. However, processing activities are often very time-consuming, unprofitable and physically arduous.
GERES supports the project of 530 women in Benin to mechanize their traditional agricultural activities to foster the economic development of their villages.

@GERES - Trampling palm nuts results in injuries and infections for the women concerned

"In my region, due to poverty, young girls are married very young in exchange for a bride price. This practice results in illiteracy and young people moving out of rural areas. It is essential to find activities to boost women's economic independence. Processing farm produce for sale in the market is one solution. However, manual processing takes a long time and has few benefits for the local peoples".

Juliette Ketehoundje, President of a co-operative


530 women in benin have organized themselves into 29 co-operatives


Their objective: to increase their income by adding value to local farm production and offering a sustainable alternative to manual activities. Using mechanized platforms, women are generating more income, improving their health and freeing up time they can devote to other activities such as education and crafts.


Donner 60 euros

Training in equipment maintenance

Donner 150 euros

Assisting a women's group to prepare its business plan

Donner 500 euros

Helping to raise the awareness of other villages in the area

Donner 1000 euros

Contributing to the funding of equipment to help co-operatives diversify their activities

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Préserver l’environnement et améliorer les conditions de vie des populations