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Campaign Against HIV/AIDS In Ivory Cost

Présentation du projet

The money will help us buy condoms and HIV kits to give to local NGOs in Ivory Cost.

We are five students, studying Master 2 in Development Economics and International Project Management. We have different academic backgrounds, cultural differences, but we realized the risk of HIV/ AIDS. HIV/ AIDS  remains the leading cause of death, yet access to HIV testing and treatment remains low. Since the start of the global HIV epidemic, children have remained at a much higher risk of HIV infection than adult. 

The HIV epidemic poses a particular burden on children, we want to raise awareness which increase the  ability to protect themselves from HIV infection. 
So that we have decided to work to raise the awareness of HIV/AIDS and the vulnerability of children. This work is a part of our Master degree program.

we will be going to high schools in Abidjan, Bouaké and Abengourou and give information about how to prevent yourself from contracting HIV.The other part of our mission will be the distribution to local NGOs Condoms and HIV kits to help them in there missions against HIV.

Notre équipe

Mohamedou Bouasria: Master 2 candidate at University Of Paris-Est, specialist in public health and economics researcher

N'da Jean Marie:Master 2 candidate at University Of Paris-Est, specialist in insurance policies and project management

Kakar Quahraman:Master 2 candidate at University Of Paris-Est, specialist in intercultural management

Sadik Pavel:Master 2 candidate at University Of Paris-Est,specialist in research and project management

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