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The Male Health Center was the first center in the United States specializing in male health. The Male Health Center is located in Dallas, Texas, and attracts hundreds of patients from across the United States.

The Male Health Center was founded in 1989 by Dr. Kenneth A. Goldberg, a board-certified urologist. Dr. Goldberg created the center because there was a need to provide men with an integrated system of care that addressed all their needs.

Men need an Ob/Gyn doctor of their own, too

Women depend on their Ob/Gyn specialists for female problems, and learn the benefits of early detection for breast cancer through self-exams. Men, on the other hand, often ignore warning signs and symptoms until the problem becomes serious. Few men know where to go when they find a lump on a testicle or have trouble achieving an erection.

While the Ob/Gyn physician is trained to treat female problems, there is really no physician specialty trained to deal with the wide variety of problems that face the man.

Traditionally the male equipment of the penis has largely been the domain of the urologist. But because urologists treat a variety of kidney-related problems in women as well as men, few urologists view the man within a holistic context. The male problem of impotence, for example, is largely misunderstood by physicians in general, including urologists.

For example, some urologists mistakenly view the inability to achieve an erection as a mechnanical problem that requires the surgical implantation of a penile implant, when the cause of the disorder may be psychological. Of the 25 percent of men who have a vascular cause of impotence, treatment for high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes (which all affect blood flow) should be considered. A true center specializing in male health looks at all the possible causes of impotence, emotional and physical.

At the Male Health Center in Dallas, we provide treatment for all areas of male health. Our programs include impotence, prostate disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, vasectomy, cancer screening and wellness. All office staff (medical and administrative) are care givers. We work together to meet the needs and concerns of our patients.

Treating the whole man, not just parts

Taking a holistic approach to health care enables Male Health Center physicians to look at the whole man, not just his symptoms.

If a man is having sexual problems the Male Health Center checks for causes such as cholesterol levels, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well as screening for other male problems such as prostate cancer and prostate enlargement.

Likewise, if a man is having a vasectomy, we show him how to examine himself for testicular cancer. When discussing treatment alternatives, we believe it is important to involve our patients in the decision making process. We strive to stay current on the latest treatments available and are always looking for less invasive and less expensive ways to treat our patients. As soon as new techniques have been proven and shown effective, they are instituted at The Male Health Center.

Providing support to men helps them overcome the fears and misconceptions often associated with male health problems. The Male Health Center offers a patient network that connects new patients with men who have similar problems. Sharing experiences as well as the treatment option they chose, offers a sense of assurance and provides an additional perspective that helps ease anxiety. Another advantage for men talking to each other is eliminating the fear of the unexpected. Plus it is a lot more believable when another guy tells you it's no big deal than when the dooctor tells you that.

Helping employers educate men on the job

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Male Health Center works with hundreds of employers and managed care companies. The Male Health Center educates employees to prevent health care problems and teaches men how to perform self-screening that detects male-oriented problems like testicular cancer when early treatment can be most effective -- and less expensive for the employer.


With ongoing changes in health care, especially the increasing participation in HMOs and PPOs, it is important for every man to lookout for himself. First, you need to be aware. Do you know what your insurance covers? Second, you need to be informed. A physician can't be up to date on every possible medical condition that's out there. Third, you need to be educated. Learn how to do testicular self-exams; know what screening tests you need at different ages and what the warning signs are for serious illnesses.


Because most men know very little about their bodies or the medical problems that occur, we offer on-site cancer screening programs and seminars to businesses and organizations. Seminars at The Male Health Center provide information on such topics as impotence and enlarged prostate. When a man visits our center, patient-educators use flip charts, handouts, and educational videos to explain the functions of the body, warnings signs for problems and how to perform self-examinations. They discuss what normally occurs, what can go wrong and why, and the diagnostic tests involved.

At the Healthlinerx, we want to provide knowledge, change attitudes and teach skills to help men lead healthier, longer lives.