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The donation to Holy Trinity Church is tax-deductible in France, you will receive a receipt.

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  • Particulier : vous pouvez bénéficier d'une réduction d'impôt égale à 66 % du montant de votre don, dans la limite de 20 % de votre revenu imposable. Si vous êtes redevable de l’Impôt sur la fortune immobilière, vous bénéficiez d’une réduction de votre IFI égale à 75 % du montant de votre don, dans la limite de 50 000 €. Attention la fraction de don ayant donné lieu à réduction d’IFI, ne peut ouvrir droit, parallèlement, à réduction d’IR. Lorsque le don est éligible aux deux dispositifs, le donateur pourra choisir l’un ou l’autre ou bien décider de ventiler son don.

We give because He gave it all.

As a Church family we take responsibility together for our building costs, staff salaries, and running expenses. 

We are committed to the principle of tithing together, contributing 10% of our income, wherever possible, to the work of our Church. As a church, Holy Trinity gives 10% of our annual income to charities all over the world. We also want our mission to be properly funded. We don't receive any funding from the Church of England or the state.

If you consider yourself part of Holy Trinity Church we would love to invite you to give regularly. We try to make giving as easy as possible to suit everyone’s personal situation.

Our preference for regular donations is by monthly bank transfer (virement) which you can easily set up by contacting us at

Alternatively, you can set up a one off or monthly credit/debit card payment via the HelloAsso website.

Thank you in advance for any support you can give us.

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