INSPIRELLE's Mission to Connect & Empower Women

We’ve all been there before... brand new to Paris, no job, friends or family nearby, barebones French. But you’re in PARIS, after all — the City of Love, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, champagne and croissants — aren’t you supposed to feel like the luckiest person in the world? 

Sure, some days are magnifique, but other days can prove challenging when you're trying to navigate French bureaucracy or understand the nuances of socializing with les français... That's where INSPIRELLE can help!

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Since 2015, INSPIRELLE has been inspiring, connecting and empowering women living in or visiting Paris through our ONLINE MAGAZINE, NEWSLETTER, and UNIQUE EVENTS. We provide A CULTURAL BRIDGE to help the international community in Paris feel more at home in their adopted country.

Everyone who's attended an INSPIRELLE event has walked away with new friends and feeling invigorated. Past events have included: speed coaching and networking evenings, health and wellness events, VIP film premieres, exclusive haute couture and vintage fashion exhibitions, wine tastings, financial workshops, lingerie tours, and so much more... 

Readers in Paris and around the world enjoy our wide range of original, well-researched lifestyle content – from the latest arts and cultural events to profiles of women who have reinvented themselves, to expert insights on parenting or entrepreneurship and so much more. Plus, we lovingly curate I-LIST, our guide to tried-and-tested activities and services catering to the international community.

(Check out our video HERE  )

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Funds raised through this GoFundMe campaign will be used to help set up the membership program and cover operational costs, including:

• Website hosting, domain name, and e-newsletter publication platforms

• Creation of a new membership portal.
• Upgrading our I-List directory.
• Marketing, promotion, and administrative fees

• Part-time editorial and event help

• Website updates, graphics and further development.

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All donations are welcome and appreciated. As a token of our thanks for your generosity, we're offering the following incentives: 

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