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IEDO, an international association of rescue drone teams to improve emergency drones uses to save more lives

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IEDO, International Emergency Drone Organization has been created on June 2018 regrouping first responders using drone technology to save lives.

IEDO is a non-profit association to create a network of first responders around the world using UAV in public safety operations like police services, fire services and also humanitarian and Search and Rescue (SAR) associations.

In 2020, we are more than 500 individuals members from 42 countries. We are all volunteers involved in rescue and emergency drone operations.


- to promote drone uses in each emergency teams (police, fire, SAR associations)
- to develop communication exchanges between emergency drone teams in the world, to share experiences and feedbacks
- to improve drone efficacy by creating working groups on UAV tactics and on-field experimentations

We would like to improve drone uses efficacy to save more lives with drones in all countries.

Drones are fantastic tools to help first responders in emergency, disasters situations. UAVs help to save lives, finding missing persons, rescuing people during flood or in support of firefighters on structural fires.

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International Emergency Drone Organisation (IEDO)