Limpopo National Park

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Having worked for more than 4 years in the field of agronomy, social sciences and environment, our team has federated on the thematic of natural protected areas. The 11 members of the association, all futures agronomist engineers, have capitalized numerous experiences in development projects around the world.

ISEE has now be involved in this project for a year, this one will take place between June and August the in (LPN).

We let you discover our action and our questionings regarding the integration of human being in the process of preservation of biodiversity.

   The Great Limpopo Transborder Park, a peace park in Mozambique


The Great Limpopo Transfontier Park (GLTP) has been created in 2002. It includes the in , the in and the in . 

Our team will work in the (PNL). This natural protected area stretches over 1 million of hectares, divided in several zones. Into the heart of the park, the protection of resources is total; wildlife can’t be exploited at all. A buffer zone has been created around this central area, a zone in which one the exploitation of natural resources is allowed but controlled.

About 100.000 people are living in the buffer zone. To respond to their primary needs, local populations extract the arboricultural resources of the park: Villages are built with wood, charcoal is used for cooking and fruits are removed to be consumed.

Nowadays the over extraction of these resources by the populations put in reconsideration the sustainability of the protected area. It exists a conflict of interest between the conservation of biodiversity and the socio-economical development of local populations.


How could we respond to the needs of those populations while conserving the wildlife of the



Our project

Because the integration of population can’t be separated of conservation issues, our team has chosen to work in collaboration with the community support program of the

The implementation of a nursery in the buffer zone appears like one of the solution identified by the program to reduce the conflict between human being and nature. We are in charge to study and implement the nursery in several villages of the buffer zone.

Around 400 families will be involved in the project. The benches coming from the nursery will be included in the cultivated areas of the villages. That’s how populations will be able to produce their own resources: fruits, charcoal and wood for buildings, which will reduce the extractions of arboricultural species in the park.

These resources will be directly consumed by the families or sold on local markets. This action will impact on poverty and on the vulnerability of the populations assuring them a sustainable production while creating income generating activities. In an other hand, these benches can be used to reforest the damaged areas of the park.

 Our financing

Our budget is 22 000 Euros. The finances about 25% of this amount. We wish to implicate foundations, associations, companies and individual persons, which could be concerned by this thematic, where human being acts for its own development.

If you want to support us, go on the tab « donner » on top of the page. Several amounts are indicated, feel free to give whatever you want. If you prefer to transmit your donation by cheque sent it to the following address at the order « association ISEE »:  



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The team ISEE


Antonin ADAM, Anne-Laure BAUBY, Paul BLANCHON, Laura BUIS, Estelle CHAVALLARD, Anne-Charlotte COUTHERUT, Ewen FLANDRIN, Guillaume PARIZET, Joanne PLET, Chloé SALEMBIER, Benjamin SILORET.   


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