Jus Gentium

Défense des droits

Jus Gentium is a non-governmental, apolitical, public international law organization.

Nos actions en cours

Nous sommes actuellement en train de mettre en place nos prochaines initiatives. Revenez bientôt pour ne rien manquer !

Qui sommes-nous ?

Jus Gentium is a non-governmental, apolitical, public international law organization.

We focus our work mainly on international law, human rights, enforcement of international laws and diplomacy. Jus Gentium has a global network and it’s headquarters are in Paris, France. The association operates in English and French.

Jus Gentium provides a platform for our network to develop legal, intellectual, and political influence. The principal objective of Jus Gentium is to educate and train young changemakers, diplomats, economists, government staff and most significantly aspiring international lawyers, and to encourage high quality research in areas that are of practical and direct interest to various stakeholders, particularly governments in developing countries and international organizations.

Jus Gentium offers high-level legal and economical trainings where courses, seminars, conferences, delegations to United Nations, visits to embassies and international institutions take place; provide legal consulting on international law & procedural law and; organizes conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops and other social and academic events with the aim of promoting in-depth and practical knowledge of issues in the field of law and related disciplines.

Jus Gentium International works in the legal relation between state and person. In this process, the work draws knowledge from several other fields like economics, politics, sociology, international relations, philanthropy etc. The core of the intention of the association has always been about creating something new by thinking across boundaries through state of art techniques. Jus Gentium creates intellectual and physical environment that encourages research in all its forms. The association promotes and makes use of educational and training courses inspired and led by innovative thinking in international law and beyond. 

for more information: jusgentiumint.org