"The Association's mission is to assist underprivileged and/or disabled children in their growth and development while promoting their social inclusion through sports. Through sports, and rugby in particular, children are encouraged to develop essential human qualities."

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Kampuchea Balopp is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia. Since 2013, we have been using sports as a tool for education and social integration for underprivileged children in Cambodia. In addition to providing these young individuals with an opportunity to break free from their challenging daily lives, our goal is to instill essential human qualities in them, such as sharing, tolerance, and teamwork, to contribute to their overall development. Currently, we provide over 900 underprivileged children with access to a weekly team sports activity.

Kampuchea Balopp takes pride in working towards three major causes for the past 10 years:

Gender Equality: In the past, women in Cambodia did not have access to sports. In recent years, we have observed that breaking down barriers to restore gender equality has had a significant positive impact on the girls participating in the program. Today, 60% of the program's beneficiaries are girls.

Social Inclusion: To break down social barriers and provide children in the program with the opportunity to make friends and interact with children from different regions of the world and social backgrounds, we bring together approximately 600 children during KB (Kampuchea Balopp) events.

Disabilities: We collaborate with several local organizations to expand our program for deaf, blind, and disabled children. For most of these children who have benefited from this program, it was their first experience with sports. Regular physical activity has had an incredible impact on their emotional and physical well-being