Kino Belleville

Arts et culture

Cette association a pour objet, la promotion de l'art sous toutes ses formes et la production, diffusion, distribution de tout spectacle vivant ou enregistré sous toutes formes de support.

Nos actions en cours

Nous sommes actuellement en train de mettre en place nos prochaines initiatives. Revenez bientôt pour ne rien manquer !

Qui sommes-nous ?

Kino is an international video movement whose motto is : « do well with nothing, do better with something, and do it now! » This formula gathers many video makers who want to make films. The movement started in Montreal, Canada in1999 and links nowadays more than 60 kino cells around the world. Kino events participants are called kinoites.
Kino Belleville is a kino cell, based in Paris, since 2012.
We organise, each year, an international kinokabaret that last 8 days, where filmakers from everywhere can imagine, shoot and edit their movie in Paris.