Adhesion 2019-2020 English


Adhésion valable du 01/09/2019 au 31/08/2020

Adhesion 2019-2020 English


La date limite d’adhésion est dépassée !

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Adhesion 2019-2020 English

Lecolab is an association which carries out the project of creating a living space to promote intergenerational learning respectful of nature.

Each membership is important because it makes up for everyone's lack of availability.

Right to the image: 

By joining the association, I authorize LecoLab to use, exploit, broadcast, in whole or in part, without limit of territory or duration, the images or recordings made with me and the members of my family, minors included, within the framework of the events organized by LecoLab. This authorization includes the right to reproduce, represent and communicate this material to the public, in particular by broadcasting via the Internet.  These provisions are brought to my attention within the framework of the application of the legislation relating to the respect of the right to image and the respect of privacy.  The present authorisation to use my image right is granted free of charge. Please write to us if you do not authorize LecoLab to the image right described above.

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Nota Bene:

HelloAsso is a social and solidarity-based company, which provides its payment technologies free of charge to the LECOLAB organization. An optional contribution to the operation of HelloAsso  will be proposed to you before the validation of your payment.

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