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BURE - forest occupation against it destruction

par Les Amis du Bocage

BURE - forest occupation against it destruction - Les Amis du Bocage

Help us to pay the legal and logistic needs for the forest occupation near to Bure

In Bure, we call to block the works and occupy the site of the planned CIGEO nuclear garbage dump !

Today, on Sunday, 19, 2016, we have temporarily freed the communal woods of Mandres-en Barrois from Andra’s yoke with its CIGEO nuclear garbage dump. In front of our great wooden pavilion, assembled where the first steps of deforestation were taken, we, resisting inhabitants from here and other places, NGOs, collectives, declare the Woods of Mandres occupied !

We are engaging into a new step for resistance : we are opposing the beginning of works with our tenacious joy and hopefulness. We do not want any « wells area » here, connected to thousands of tons of offall dug deep into the ground to be forgotten : we are going to physically defend this forest, which belongs to all. What is at play behind those oak-and-beech thickets is a symbol of our struggle against ANDRA’s arrogance and violence. Under the canopy, our weed-like will shall not be drowned in concrete.

In 2013, the agency set down millions of euros and promises of work to get a hold of these woods.As they were consulted, the majority of Mandres’ inhabitants voted « No », because they use these woods to gather estovers of woods for heating, to stroll around, to hunt, to wander : it is a part of our lives. The inhabitants said « No » because they have here 300 years of memories, customs and secrets that cannot be traded off or compensated. We prefer earth paths to a financial « godsend », and a slowly aging oaktree to fake promises of employment.

In the summer 2015, ANDRA came back with a vengeance : at 6 a.m., the town council voted for the exchange of this forest for another with 7 in favor and 4 against. This time, their strategy wasn’t sham democracy or « consultation », but posting there two private watchmen to block the entrance to the townhall.

Throughout this last year, the inhabitants multiplied court appeals to get theses woods back and stop the atomic dump from being started. From public meetings to appeals for arbitration or appeals to the administrative tribunal against the undemocratic exchange of the woods, a local resistance found its ways through the area again, but this resistance did not prevent the beginning of works. We are not so easy to fool : such a crucially strategic project as CIGEO is for the French state and its nuclear business, will not be stopped just by going to court.



Today we are occupying this forest to physically oppose ourselves to its being annexed by ANDRA. We are occupying it because we cannot stand to hear the crash of trees being uprooted, because their rasor blade wire fences, their mercenaries and big dogs will not stop us from resisting. We are occupying it to stop the territory from being stolen away from the people by the hungry hands of nuclear industry.

We are occupying this forest in order to prevent the beginning of works for CIGEO. We know that nothing in the shiny corridors of Parliament can stop the dump being dug, that only a territorial struggle can do it. From the right and the left, politicians applaud loud as they can when the atomic bugle rings, and even more so when they can say that they are « doing it for future generations ». Occupying now means getting again a hold on this project that has been refused for over 20 years by the population, it means that we can get a grip on an ennemy that has already made sure it was invincible in all other places under its control.

We are occupying this forest with another type of life, joyful, inventive, collective, against nuclear society and its world of military and private security guards, of smiling experts and quiet dosimeters, a world set to exploit the ground and its people as much as possible. Where they want to deforest, we are building shelters. Where they raise wire fences, we open paths. Where they are manufacturing a desert of solitude and resignation, we are claiming our joy together, while resisting.

So now, all summer, everyone must come to Bure to stop CIGEO !

The pillars of our pavilion are set on 30 years of struggle against territorial colonisation by ANDRA here and in other places. The cabins built today and tomorrow are accomplices of our rebel potatoes which occupy illegally a piece of land owned by the Agency. They are allied with the large inclusive marches that we made against the nuclear dump, the comrades of resistance camps against CIGEO and its world.

This beginning of an occupation cannot be the high point of two weeks of action, but the prelude of a summer of determined resistance. Our pavilion is an invitation to an endless picnic, a place to meet other people and to come by and maybe stay against ANDRA’s will to make this place a desert. It is a solid wood call to converge on Bure to support the occupation and prevent the destruction of these woods and the beginning of CIGEO’s « construction » by all means. We are thinking in terms of picnics, direct actions and inclusive demonstrations. We are imagining blockades, wanderings and decentralised actions.

From the peoples surviving in and around Arlit’s uranium mining sites to the rebel bocage of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, from the steep slopes of Val de Susa and the anti-nuclear camp at Pyhajöki, Finand, we are holding together as one chain of resistance against those who want to redesign our lives !


Contact : sauvonslaforet@riseup.net // 0033 7 58 65 48 89

Info : en.vmc.camp

Info on CIGEO’s project : burestop.eu ; pandor.at ; burezonelibre.noblogs.org


#antinuke #nuclear

1 National agency for the Management of Radioactive waste

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