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Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir is dedicated in the service of the children for the past 26 years.

We sincerely invite you to take part to cover the necessary expenses of the organization such as the cost of schooling a child in the Ashram school, or to buy a tonne of rice out of 40 tonnes necessary for all the member of the ashram in a year. 

The year 2019 has been extremely creative and fruitful and we aspire that 2020 will be even better. Some of the projects such as organizing the International Democratic Education Conference- IDEC 2020, retreat program in Calcutta with Ramchandra, jaw-dropping treks, a book on ashram kitchen recipes and so on... All of this is to serve the children! 

We are extremely happy to count you among our friends. Your donation will help us carry out all these projects and continue to give quality education and enriching development to our children.

Your help is necessary for us and Nepal and it is highly appreciated. 

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

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We are a french association, dedicated to the children of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, a Nepali organization which provides education and all other necessities required for their growth from as early as one-month-old till they finish their university education.  The students come from disadvantaged family backgrounds from across Nepal.  It offers everything a child needs to have a dignified and happy life. It is a family of 200 children and teenagers, 50 young people and adults and few elders. 

Visit our web portal under construction:
You can also access our entire calendar of upcoming events, we are adding more and more each day!