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Supporting the children in Cebu City, Philippines
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We are a Filipino charity foundation, also registered in France, UK and Germany, with a solid track record, over 400 beneficiaries with children from the slums of Cebu’s harbour.

Our qualified team of 15 Filipinos & a 8 member-board runs a pre-school, a scholarship and a family development program.


Development and Education

  • Pre-school adapted to the needs of 140 children
  • Sponsorship of over 300 elementary & high school students
  • Family development program following up 80 families


Emergency programs:

  • Child-care centre
  • Supporting elderly people


Our philosophy

  • The parents of Little Bamboo children can give them a good education irrespective of their poverty
  • By taking part in our program, families commit to either make a small financial contribution, or to spend time supporting the school

Siège social

c/o H de Vesian - 12, rue des Domeliers 60200 Compiegne

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