Together, we can change LYBIBAF

par Lybibaf98

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Together, we can change LYBIBAF

par Lybibaf98

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Let's offer restrooms and cloakrooms to LYBIBAF students!

Please, note that a french version of this crowdfunding campaign is also available

Project summary

LYBIBAF is a high school in West Cameroon (Central Africa) and the name contracted for "Lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam". Founded a year ago, our association has already equipped the school with a water supply system and now wishes to renovate the toilets and add changing rooms.


Observation: Due to their limited financial resources, investments by educational establishments in Cameroon primarily address their function as a place of instruction. That less obvious, « place of life » (a student spends around 7 hours a day at school) is secondary. Thus, the supply of chalk, benches, and stationery (report cards, class register, etc.) necessary for the operation of the school most often prevails over the budget for maintenance of the premises ... in this case toilets, which become slightly more unfit for use each year.

We are firmly convinced that restoring students' dignity by addressing this basic problem can make a big difference in terms of academic success. And because it is precisely the academic success of the next generation that is most important to us, we want to make available to the students and teachers of this school, great water supply and healthy toilets (as well as adjoining changing rooms) to allow them to better appreciate high school as a living environment.

Origin of the project

When we got in touch with the authorities of the school, and dispatched local members on the spot to identify concrete needs for projects that could help our "cadets", we were struck by the dilapidated and unhealthy toilets!!

 The survey of students during this deployment in the field, highlighted 2 major issues:

  •  The nightmare for them having to go to the toilet which is repulsive in many ways. According to their own words, the students have two options:

  1. Go home (sometimes miles away) to relieve yourself, at the risk of coming back late and being banned from classes overnight.
  2. Restrain yourself for the rest of the day, with direct repercussions on their ability to concentrate in class.

  •  Lack of privacy for girls who need to change before and after physical education classes.

 Having faced this problem ourselves during our schooling and noting that the situation had worsened since ...

 We decided to act and make a real difference!! To this end ...

1.      The association obtained a 70m2 space from the Lycée authorities to restore the toilets and then contacted engineers to draw up plans for them:

Only the water supply (which is frequently cut off) has proven to be a real challenge. Water is essential for systematic sanitation of toilets.

 2.      To overcome the issue of water supply, the association built a water tower!

Thanks to the incredible mobilization of our members, the high school now has a reserve of 5000 liters of water, allowing to ensure an autonomy of 2 weeks, for the toilets to come!

 3. We now wish to complete our project by initiating the 2nd phase and thus, with your help, make LYBIBAF a better place not just to study but also to live.

What will the money collected be used for ?

With the money collected, we will be able by September 2020, to:

1.      build the building which will house the future toilets and the adjoining changing rooms.

2.      connect the water tower built in April 2020 to the toilets to ensure better autonomy in the event of a water cut.

 This money will be used transparently, both to finance the purchase of equipment and the cost of labor (see below, the approximate estimate drawn up with the engineers and contractors on site).


Note that you can also donate on our website. By leaving us your email, the final work report will also be sent to you..

Our team

We call ourselves "Les Experts" as we believe that the diversity of our group makes us unique and able to tackle complex issues. We want to leverage on the expertise on each one of us to make the difference. We’ve created an association under the French law 1901, named Lybibaf98 to coordinate our activities.


We are all former students of the "Lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam", a high school in a little city in West Cameroon called Bafoussam. We are driven by the desire to develop and support this establishment that trained us, and had played a huge part of what we’ve become.

 More than 20 years later, and despite being located in the four corners of the world, we’ve decided to pool our respective expertise at the service of this high school which is dear to us, using modern communication tools to overcome the distance, hoping to improve the school environment for the new generations of students.


The association has more than fifty members to its credit, whose geographical distribution is international. Several teams of volunteer and motivated professionals animate it on a daily basis, including one deployed locally.

 To learn more, you can visit 

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