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Le don à Med'EqualiTeam ouvre droit à une réduction fiscale car il remplit les conditions générales prévues aux articles 200 et 238 bis du code général des impôts.

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  • Particulier : Vous pouvez déduire 66% de votre don dans la limite de 20% de votre revenu imposable.

Why support us

The help we provide for the refugees stranded on Samos is vital, there is only one doctor in the camp for more than 5000 people.
The medical help is done by medical professionals who take from their time to come, and from their savings to pay for the travel costs and accommodation on Samos. However the costs to run the clinic, mostly for the medicines we give freely to the patients and for the rent of the office depend only from your support!

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How we will use the money

Your donation will go directly on the ground, and be used to cover the needed medicines and logistics costs. All payments are made through the NGO bank account, and proved with a receipt.
Please feel free to contact us for any question!

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