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Our project

Starting 20 June 2022, we will work in Opole voivodeship, a region in South-West Poland with more than 25,000 Ukrainian refugees, some living in crowded and precarious spaces. Our mission will be done through mobile medical units going directly to the different centers to provide medical consultations on the spot, thus facilitating access to health professionals and medication as needed. The aim is also to avoid overloading on the Polish health system which was already depleted before this crisis started, and support on a middle-term basis the situation created by the influx of refugees in Poland.

More information can be found on our website.

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You would offer your support to :

  • a non-profit association
  • dedicated to provide high level of care, offering patients free and respectful consultations, in their own language
  • by qualified doctors on their own time, in a team of dedicated volunteers
  • with medical protocols adapted to local possibilities and following international guidelines
  • integrating in the country and adjusting to the evolution of the situation, with the aim of supporting the local health system as long as needed
  • Using the funds in the most sensible way so that donations directly benefit people on the ground and as little as possible is spent on admin costs

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How we will use the money ?

Your donation will go directly to the field, and be used to cover the needed medicine and logistics costs. All payments are made through the NGO bank account, and proven with a receipt.
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