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Mimosa, a Community against Cancer, aims to rase awareness of the disease, provide support to cancer patients and their families and help fund research into preventing and curing cancer.

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Mimosa is an association based in the South of France.  We want to build community spirit in our region and give back locally whilst joining in the global  fight against cancer.  Using funds raised by donations and our own events, we aim to educate the next generation about cancer and how we can help prevent it, to support existing sufferers and their families in our local area and to help fund research into preventing and curing the disease.  We work in partnership with other local cancer associations to achieve these aims.

Our events include Mini Mimosa, an annual fun run for kids to emphasise the importance of exercise whilst raising money to help children with cancer, organising teams for the Nice-Cannes marathon, a biennial Gala Ball, and regular sales of gently worn women's and children's clothes.

We also encourage local community members to hold their own events in favour of Mimosa.  To date, these have ranged from bake sales to bike rides, haircuts to concerts, golf days to quiz nights, Kilimanjaro climbs, coffee mornings, yoga mornings and chocolate tastings.  As you can see, anything goes!