Défense des droits

MODEL LAW: first association in France to defend and empower models

Nos actions en cours

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Qui sommes-nous ?

The goal of MODEL LAW is to defend, protect, and support fashion models working in France.

MODEL LAW began with the drafting of the manifesto. Already signed by many models and members of the fashion community from around the world, it aims to put an end to years of abuse, dubious practices, and Labor Code infringements.

The modeling business has to meet more regulations. We stand in order to take the situation into our hands and to enforce the Labor Code. MODEL LAW should become the main contact for models working in France. We want to secure an equitable and fruitful exchange with all the members of the fashion community and the public authorities in order to highlight the existing problems and inequities within the profession.

We demand that the legal status of models goes under review, that the respect of physical and moral integrity of models becomes a priority, and that a change in practices and mentalities happens. We demand guarantees of the freedom of thought and expression. More than ever models need direct and independent representatives whom they could openly contact without fear.

Our mission is to listen to models, to help them, and to advise them on any possible matter of their professional life.