Soutenir l’école primaire et la communauté de Gairan, Bogo (Cebu) aux Philippines matériellement et financièrement dans son développement.

qui sommes-nous ?

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Notre mission

Our aim is to focus on the improvement of quality of early learning and basic education.

Education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own

hands and play an active part in shaping it. Although access to primary education

has significantly increased last couple years in Bogo, fundamental problems are

lack of material and basic health support. The priority is the support of existing but

poor support services in this school as well as improving the effectiveness.

What has already been done in 2016?

Fundraise through the platform managed to raise 3600 euros. The aim of this fundraise was to provide the

school supply (pens, pencil, notebooks…) for every pupil, tables and chairs for kindergarten classes (125 chairs, 4 sets of

tables), games and outdoor activities, a projector and 3 televisions. Details and exact prices of the purchases can be found on

our site:

We have 4 objectives for 2017:

1. School furniture for the 1500 pupils from kindergarten to grade 6: Comparing to what we

had bought last year; we need a total of 3000 euros for the school furniture. 2 euros can buy

furniture for a single kid, 10 euros for 5 children!!!

Which would include in detail:

4000 Note books/ 200 Drawing books/ 800 Art papers/ 10 water colours + paint brushes + mixing plates/ 1000 ball

pen + 1000 pencils/ 50 cartolina/ 500 manila papers/ 500 plastic envelopes/ 50 boxes of glue sticks/ 50 boxes of

white paper/ 20 boxes of clay/ 50 colour pencil boxes/ 50 boxes of crayons/ 5 boxes of craypas/ 500 folders/ Bond

and construction paper/ 10 boxes of chalk/ 20 Pentel pen + ink/ 400 writing pads.

2. Improve health support for the school by building new toilets: 

The old toilets will be destructed and six new toilets will be built. The 6 toilets will be bought in Cebu (Bathroom

Cebu Bionic) for a total of 2000 euros + installation and construction of the basement for 1000

euros with a local plumber and builder.

3. Donation of clothes and shoes for the most needed children: 

A collect of clothes and shoes will be held in the month of April. We counted an number of 600 children without

appropropriate shoes or clothes. Uniforms (for kindergarden to grade 3) will be bought for

children who don't have one. One complete uniform cost 5 euros.

4. Developping in the longer term (over 2 years) an electronic/library room:

In 2016 a projector and 3 televisions had already been bought. Our aim is the possibility for these

children of 2 big working tables with chairs, 10 computers, a printer, a library with books. We

want to encourage these children to improve their reading skills. We have realised that many

children in grade 6 (10/12 years old) still do not know how to read.

Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour réaliser nos projets pour 2017!!!!!

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