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Skydiving for Optim'Autisme

par Optim'Autisme

Skydiving for Optim'Autisme - Optim'Autisme

Séraphine is going to skydive over Lake Taupo in New Zealand to raise money for Optim'Autisme

Séraphine grew up with a little brother on the autism spectrum and wants to help others in the same situation.

She is current travelling around Australia and New Zealand as part of her gap year, before starting her studies in Physics and Philosophy at King's College London in September. She is going skydiving on 5 August over Lake Taupo in New Zealand (which terrifies her Mum...) and want to use the opportunity to raise awareness of autism and to raise some money for the association Optim'Autisme, which works to help parents of autistic children, and the professionnals who work with them, to help their children to make significant progress using innovative approaches . (www.OptmAutisme.com)

Séraphine was 8 years old when her brother was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder. She saw the effect that having a special child can have on a family, and was very effected when the family almost broke down. Thanks to the Son-Rise Program, taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America, her parents learned how to help her brother make real progress, but they also learned to accept and to be ok with their new and different family life, to be able to grow and move forward together. Today, her brother is doing really well and the family has never been so close.

Please support Séraphine and families of autistic children by making a donation, no matter how small. The money collected will go directly to Optim'Autisme to be used to organise training courses in innovative approaches to autism treatment (neuro-developpement and sensory) to empower parents to go towards autonomy in the treatment of their children, understanding that only 25% of them have appropriate therapy.  If you cannot or do not wish to donate, you can help by forwarding this campaign to your contacts, or by simply sending Séraphine your encouragement.

We will post photos and the vidéo of Séraphine's jump as soon as possible, and thank you in advance for your help and support.

Séraphine and Alexandra OAKLEY

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