Food support for the inhabitants of Peck Kantiel in Cambodia

par Osmose France

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Food support for the inhabitants of Peck Kantiel in Cambodia

par Osmose France

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Food support for the inhabitants of Peck Kantiel in Cambodia - Osmose France

Let's help the most vulnerable families in the village get access to food and clean water!

Food aid for the inhabitants of the village of Peck Kantiel

Peck Kantiel is a fishing village with houses floating on bamboo rafts, adoring itself to the rhythm of the floods and receding waters of the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. Most of the villagers are engaged in subsistence family fishing, as well as fish processing and fish farming. The entire economy of the lake villages is directly or indirectly dependent on fishing.

Life is difficult there and this is why Osmose has been working there for more than 20 years, carrying out, or having carried out, various projects: environmental protection, education, local economic development, access to health care and drinking water.

The rhythm of life and the income of the inhabitants are extremely dependent on the seasons and particularly on the rainy season, which is synonymous with the return of water from the Mekong and thus, of fish. In the dry season, a family of 6 people earns on average 5€/day while a 20L bottle of water costs 1.25€ and 2kg of rice 1.25€.

In 2019, in partnership with Waves for Water, the association distributed 200 water filters to the families of the village and accompanied them in their use and cleaning. In this way, the inhabitants were able to improve their sanitary conditions (reduction of diseases) and reduce their expenses.

Drought and a late wet season...

For several years now, the wet season, which usually occurs in May, has been shifted by one or two months. This phenomenon, added to the drought, further weakens populations that are already vulnerable and little taken into account by the local authorities.

This year, the drought is so severe that the once-floating village of Peck Kantiel is now stuck in the mud, preventing its inhabitants from moving around and going fishing. Added to this is very muddy water that is unusable in the filters, forcing the population to buy drinking water.

In order to support 50 of the most precarious families, Osmose wants to set up a project to distribute bags of rice and water via a coupon system that the inhabitants could exchange for these goods at the village shop.

This operation would allow these families to last 1 month until the next water rise.

What will the money collected be used for?

The money will be used to finance the purchase at the village store of :

  • 2kg rice (1.25€) / day / family
  • 20L of water (1.25€) / day / family

By donating 75€, you allow a family of 6 people to eat and drink for 1 month!

The total objective is to collect 3 750€, but if more is recovered, it will allow the association to support other families in difficulty..

The Osmose Cambodia team

Osmose has 10 employees, all Cambodian, 8 of whom live or come from the lake.

On the lake the team is composed of :

  • 4 environmental education teachers
  • 2 boat drivers
  • 1 local development coordinator

At the Siem Reap office:

  • 1 operational director
  • 1 ecotourism assistant
  • 1 accountant

The team occasionally welcomes volunteers from abroad for periods of 6 months to 1 year.

Donner 20 euros

1kg of rice/day for 1 month

Donner 40 euros

Water or 2kg of rice/day for 1 month

Donner 75 euros

A whole family supported for 1 month

Donner 150 euros

2 families supported for 1 month

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