Inner Dance : Facilitator Training

par Paradoxe : Inner Dance

Inner Dance : Facilitator Training

par Paradoxe : Inner Dance

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Inner Dance : Facilitator Training  - Paradoxe : Inner Dance

Inner Dance : Immersion & Training with Katie Holland

Come and join us in Paris for the third edition of an introspective journey through sound, conscious movement, and trance danse.
The main purpose of this soft introduction to a trance state is to connect you with a deeper sense of meaning on your journey and orient your center towards what is alive in you seeking expression.

The experience will consist of 2 and a half day’s worth of immersion into innerdance. It will stretch you, push you and stroke you to be you. 
First evening : opening ceremony with Inner Dance
Nov 9-10, Immersion in the waves of Inner Dance
Nov 11-12 :  immersion into the fundamentals and how to hold your own space with facilitator training.

For this third training in Paris, we will bring a specific focus on conscious movements for healing and spiritual development and Kundalini awakening. She will be assisted by the Paradoxe team.


People who want to connect on another level with themselves and others, gain more insight into their psychology, fit into the body better, learn how to self facilitate and how to facilitate others in this practice.
No former experience in Inner Dance is required.
Inner Dance Facilitator can also learn new aspects in this training, as there will be a specific focus on breathwork and awakened movements.

These trainings shake things up. They’re intense, emotional, physical and authentic. They facilitate connection, understanding, authenticity and love. They’re for the explorers.


An internationally renowned and a highly sought after professional dancer and teacher, Katie has studied with masters of sacred dance developing a passionate pursuit in conscious movement for healing and spiritual development. This combines well with her extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga teacher and energy worker.
Training directly with Pi Villaraza - creator of ID, Katie has been extremely active in sharing this powerful modality. Her naturally intuitive ability to hold space is testament to her commitment and a wealth of experience facilitating dance and energy based workshops globally.
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Tom Woodfin received his first training in Inner Dance facilitation in 2012 in the Philippines, coming from a background in martial arts, meditation and energy psychology. He has since adapted Inner Dance to include various breathwork modalities that helped him to explore the depths of conscious trance. He currently holds several international Inner Dance teacher trainings and immersions per year alongside a personal coaching practice, while continuing to research into the relationship between movement, physiology, sound, transpersonal psychology and consciousness, with a view to bring forth and apply the learning of these inner explorations to daily life.

His experience in EFT tapping, TRE exercises, Nonviolent communication and Provocative energy techniques amongst other modalities and forms of physiological and psychological inquiry, combined with a love of music and sound as an artform offer an approach to Inner Dance that is creative, direct and pragmatic with an emphasis on honest dialogue and effective communication.
You can follow his work at


Inner Dance is a dynamic meditation facilitated by sound, touch and intuitive words. Participants are invited to join a state of trust and surrender, leading to a healing journey to reconnect the mind and body as the energy flow among them.
Inner Dancers start the session confortably lying down on their backs, closing their eyes.
The frequencies of the music played guide the brain through various wave states, including the ones associated with lucid dreaming and deep theta healing, leading participants to an expanded state of consciousness. When people energy start to flow, anything can happen depending on how deep in trust and surrender participants wish to go, or can go in their healing process : movements from the within, resting, receiving imageries or insights, laughing, crying, dancing, trancing…
The term Inner Dance describes at best the unconscious movements originating from their own volition which often happen during the session, but can also describe an inner journey made of visions, emotional release, or insights. The dance of our shifting awareness, of a dynamic and somatic map of the psyche.

"Removing conditioning, the ego and trauma can be fulfilling and filled with love! Using intention to surrender to ourselves within music everyone’s expression of movement will be different – we speak and open to our inner self what we need to heal, learn and dream. Who am I? What am I? What was I before I came to existence?
The Inner Dance process is a heart-filled journey back to our innate resonance". Katie


Nov 8 : 7h30-10h30 pm
Nov 9-12 : 10h -5:30

The venue is
Salle Subud : 6, rue Deguerry (10ème)
Entrance code 853B
Interphone SUBUD
1st floor, left door porte de gauche.
Metro Gongourt, Belleville République ou Parmentier


Evening only: €40
Immersion only : €300
Whole training: €520, €475 early-bird before Oct 1st


6, rue Deguerry
75010 Paris

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