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It is now our turn to ask for your help and support. By winning 2nd place in the Senior Elite division of the 2017 Championnat, Paris Cheer earned the right to compete at the ECU European Cheerleading Championships. Unfortunately, the 3FA originally denied us this right referring to rules it made after the fact. Because we were originally not permitted to attend ECUs, the club made other arrangements for these athletes. We received our approval for this competition on 25 January 2018. Thus, the club was not able to properly budget for this competition.
As you know, the 3FA provides no financial support to its Cheerleading athletes for international competitions. Our athletes have been through a lot this year. They were excluded from participation in the national team and the national competition. No other athletes have faced the adversity that these athletes have faced this year at the hand of their national federation through absolutely no fault of their own. No athletes in the country merit the opportunity to compete and wear their colors more than these athletes. 
Thus, we are asking for your help to send these deserving athletes to compete in the 2018 ECU Cheerleading Championships. We anticipate the cost per athlete is 350 EUR, including flights, hebergement, and registration. The athletes will be responsible for these costs.
The registration fee is 45 EUR per athlete/coach. Thus, we are asking for this amount for the team, coaches and alternates, for a total of EUR 1350. However, the athletes still must pay for flights and hebergement, so we are always accepting more. 
If you do not want to donate, the club is organizing a cheer camp, where all proceeds will go towards sending these athletes to ECUs. You can find more information here: [link]
Paris Cheer is a non-profit loi 1901 association sportive. Any additional funds will be added to the general club budget.

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