Irina Manap-Martin volunteer for Passerelles numériques

par Passerelles Numériques

Irina Manap-Martin volunteer for Passerelles numériques

par Passerelles Numériques

Help me to collect the scholarship costs for 1 student of Passerelles numériques Vietnam

Hi everyone,


As part of a partnership between Accenture, the company I work for, and Passerelles numériques, a non-profit organisation, I decided to volunteer this summer in Da Nang, Vietnam. A mission corresponding to my profile has been proposed to me and in a few days I am leaving for my first trip to Asia.


Through education, Passerelles numériques enables the most underprivileged young people to access to training and qualified employment in Information Technology. Coming myself from a modest background in a small country (Moldova), I managed to develop and evolve through studies and professional experiences abroad (Romania, then France). Based on this personal experience, I am willing to share my time and skills to bring a positive contribution and make the world a better place.  


My 15-day mission will be to provide Salesforce training to the Passerelles numériques Vietnam’s External Relation Office staff to correctly manage its contacts and relationships with individuals and organizations. My main responsibilities will be to update the existing training materials, deliver training sessions, prepare job aids and identify & log change requests.


You can participate too by simply make a donation on this plateform. Regardless of the amount, your contribution can make a difference. And, collectively, small donations can truly have a huge impact on the future of underprivileged young people in Vietnam.




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Donner 35 euros

Uniform for 1 student

Donner 60 euros

Welcome pack for 1 student (lunchbox, health kit, mattress,...).

Donner 115 euros

Food for 1 student for quarter

Donner 400 euros

1 computer

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