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Workshop Blockchain

par Pink Innov'

Le 23 mai 2019 de 08:30 à 11:30

Workshop Blockchain - Pink Innov'

Workshop sur la blockchain par Samantha Reynolds, Director of PM for Microsoft Blockchain

Tout droit arrivée de la Silicon Valley, Samantha Reynolds, Director PM Microsoft Blockchain a accepté de réaliser pour Pink Innov' et AWIP (notre partenaire américain) un workshop dédié à la blockchain.

Topic :

It’s a matter of when, not if, businesses will begin to utilize blockchains in their architecture. However, there is a ton of hype around blockchains, primarily driven by the cryptocurrency craze. This talk does not discuss cryptocurrencies, but instead focuses on the realities of deploying blockchains for business, by someone who is currently doing so within Microsoft. We will cover off on what exactly is a blockchain, it’s business benefits, when to use it (or not use it), considerations beyond just the technical that you need to ensure a successful project, the high level project lifecycle path, as well as plenty of real life blockchain use cases and examples to inform your future blockchain business case ideas. There will also be time for a Q&A after the initial presentation, and the deck will be shared online with the participants afterwards.

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75008 Paris

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