Provence Academy Membership

par Provence Academy

Adhésion valable du 01/01/2021 au 31/12/2021

Provence Academy Membership

par Provence Academy

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agréés par le Conseil d'Administration, auront versé une cotisation annuelle telle que votée en assemblée générale

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agréés par le conseil d'administration, auront pris l’engagement de verser annuellement une somme au minimum égale à cinq fois la cotisation telle que votée en assemblée générale

50,00 €

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Provence Academy Membership - Provence Academy

Provence Academy Membership


I wish you all a very happy 2021, may it be joyful, creative, collaborative, festive, social and celebrate solidarity.

Last year, we founded the Provence Academy, despite the epidemic. We thought, that our ideas from 2018 to start a cultural center and educational institution was even more important in 2019 and for the future. Now, more than ever, we need a network to exchange our ideas, our fears and hopes. And we need a place where we can meet, physically and hybrid.

We moved into our new building in Apt, a beautiful building  for studio work, master classes, exhibition and small events.

Last year we organized CoArt, together with the Dora Maar house in Ménerbes. Our two-week collaborative event reflected on the impact of Covid on artist, and it was magic. Our book that includes a catalogue and the texts written during this artist in residency, hosted by the Dora Maar house, is on the way to the printing press. It will be available this Spring.

We would like to ask you, to renew your membership, or if you are not a member yet, to become a member and participate in our vision to expand the Provence Academy.

Our very best wishes for 2021,

Christoph Klütsch

President of the Provence Academy

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