A year after the Armenian revolution, in last April and May, when thousands of Armenians protested in Yerevan streets and in the whole country : what do young Armenians think ? What are their dreams, their desires ? 

With your paramount support we are going to do a series of radio workshops that will links Armenian communities in France and people living in Armenia. These workshops is a great way for people to voice out, to learn more about their histories abroad and also, to archive all these words ! 

Radio Activité is a French NGO, which organizes radio workshops as psycho social activities and safe spaces with different types of beneficiaries (as migrants, kids, elder people…). By recording their own radio broadcast and learning radio gears techniques within a few hours, these radio workshops is a rare occasion for them to voice out their daily lives and desires. We already organized these workshops in France (Calais) and abroad (Georgia, Lebanon, Greece, Italy and Iraq). 

From May 14th to 23rd, 5 radio workshops are scheduled : 

- 2 workshops in Echmeyadzin, in partnership with United Nations High Commission for refugees (UNHCR) with a group of Iraki, Syrian-Armenian, Armenian women and an other Iraki, Syrian-Armenian and Armenian group

  • 1 workshop in Gyumri, in partnership with Swiss Kasa Foundation, with youngsters who want to create their own webradio
  • 1 workshop in Yerevan with Pink Armenia NGO members
  • 1 workshop in Vanatzor, Lori region, in partnership with Progressive Youth of Armenia NGO with youngsters from the region 
  • 1 workshop in Yerevan with women from Women Ressource Center (WRC) and the anchorwomen of the WRC webradio 

Each workshop is recorded in Armenian, with an French and English translation, by the three facilitators, Constance, Antoine and Mathilde. 


Broadcasts created during the radio workshops are broadcasted both live and edited on Radio Activité website and social networks. 

A restitution ceremony is organized on May 23rd settled in United nations headquarters in Yerevan. It will be opened to a large audience of officials, civil society members and public audience. Radio workshops participants will speak about their experiences and radio workshops excerpts will be broadcasted. The Armenian-American visual artist collective Kooyrigs exhibit the illustration they created especially for each workshop. 

Two similar exhibition will be organized in Paris and Marseille, in France.

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