Rats Don't Sink

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Hardcore Punk band from Marseille, France, haunting the pubs since 2014.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Rats Don’t Sink is a Hardcore Punk band formed in 2014 in Marseille, France. 
For almost a decade the quartet has played many gigs in the South of France and 
Spain with bands such as The Casualties, Bishops Green, Lion's Law, Clowns, The Real 
McKenzies, Les Sales Majestés, Komintern Sect or Grade 2, to name but a few.
To date, they have released 4 records: "From Sewers They Come" (EP, 2018), "Rats In 
The Cab" (Split with the US band Johnny Cab, 2019), "Stubborn Rodents" (LP, 2021)
and most recently "The Ratpack" (EP, out in March 2022).