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Reclaim Finance is a small, yet agile and effective nonprofit that focuses 100% of its efforts on transforming financial actors’ practices.

We have already forced some financial behemoths to stop supporting the dirtiest of fossil fuels. Your donations help us go even further.

We are affiliated to Friends of the Earth France, advocating side by side for social and environmental justice.

Your donations help us:

  • Investigate financial institutions’ practices and blow the whistle;
  • Produce and communicate high-quality counter-assessments;
  • Engage private and public financial players to impact their decisions;
  • Campaign and build public support to secure effective wins;
  • Support international partners working to reform global finance.

By choosing to donate monthly, you can help us ensure a stable revenue and cover our operating costs.

Recurrent donations can be easily stopped upon request.

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Reclaim Finance is equivalent to a U.S. public charity. We have completed an Equivalency Determination process with NGOsource. NGOsource certifies EDs for U.S. Grantmakers, so the Grantmaker can meet their tax compliance requirements and give to our NGO with fewer restrictions.

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HelloAsso is a social and solidarity company, which provides for free its payment technologies to the organism Reclaim Finance. A contribution to the functioning of HelloAsso, updatable and optional, is proposed to you before the validation of your payment.


The Reclaim Finance team is here to answer all your questions.

We pledge to inform you in full transparency on how we use your donation by regularly informing you on the progress and results of our campaigns.

You may contact Elinor and the Reclaim Finance team with any request for information at