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Atelier construction électronique avec Victor Mazon

par reso-nance numerique

Le 20 mai 2017 de 11:00 à 19:00

Construction de synthétiseur révélant les ondes invisibles !

Atelier de construction electronique avec Victor Mazon.
Atelier en anglais / espagnol.


S I G N U M_The invisible revealed: Workshop on presence, perception and noise.

Listen to electromagnetic waves caused by modern devices and natural forces. Sharpening our awareness about what surrounds us, patterns of ultraviolet and infrared light; the vibrations of ferric objects; the friction caused by insects and underwater sounds; natural radio waves; translocal network connections; inaudible electromagnetic fields, etc. Participants will build and take home their own device, which is designed to amplify and listen to sounds hidden in the electromagnetic spectrum: those invisible frequencies, electromagnetic fields and signals that constantly surround us but that we are usually unable to hear.

The kit contains two amplifier circuits operating in parallel to accommodate the various impedances of sensors and a final amplification for line output. The 3 Sensors embedded on its surface measures close range electromagnetic frequencies, a central coaxial antenna connector for long-range signals and a external line input via 3.5mm jack to amplify self made sensors and physical devices. It ́s powered by a 9V battery or supplied 1,3mm power jack to USB connector.

The device includes a transducer, phototransistor, coil, and a germanium diode , which coheres sonically and allows users to listen to surrounding signals that would fall out of the human hearing range. The workshop will also introduce participants to using the electromagnetic spectrum within artistic practices. 

No previous experience in electronics is necessary, but interest and patience mandatory. The workshop includes a presentation and a hands on soldering workshop, covering the methodology, praxis and recent works of Víctor Mazón Gardoqui in the field of experimental sound, amplification, electromagnetism, non-regulated transmissions and design of custom electronics. 

Tags: perception, signal, noise, electromagnetism, spectrum, high frequency, VLF/ELF, experimental, art, design, open-hardware, electronics.

Mazon Gardoqui´s work exposes the unheard and unseen, addressing the inaccessible and experiencing vulnerability and awareness on the viewer. Perception and altered states are key concepts on his performances and recordings, through the use of materials like sound or light, contributing to a portrait of the vibrational world. 
His work materializes in three main fields: actions or site-specific performances through experimental processes, exhibitions as consequences of previous actions and collaborative works through seminars to form a communal dialog.
Since 1999 involved into experimenta techniques of media intervention through site specific actions, performances and installations in public spaces by using sound, light and custom electronics. 
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