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Sagarmatha Aide aux Defavorises has been create to support destitute people of Nepal and provide support to Sagarmatha Asahaya Sewa Sangh Children's home that it in Aarubari area, Kathmandu, Nepal where we have today 53 kids from 2 to 20 years old.

Sagarmatha Asahaya Sewa Sangh (SASS) is a Nepalese NGO base at Kathmandu that has been create to support destitute people of Nepal. It has been create in Oct 2002 with the main objective to provide support on the orphan’s home SASS (53 kids in 2015) that has been setup on South East of Kathmandu – near Bodnath area.

By the time SASS Ngo and the Sagarmatha Aide aux Defavorises - French NGO are providing free medical care to destitute people of Nepal through some medical camps based on Solukhumbu (Everest Area).

SASS is providing regularly a support about funds, foods, and clothes, and medical to destitute people around Kathmandu valley

Following the well-known risk of earthquake, the French NGO build a new construction on earthquake safety. This new building that has been finish in last October give us the opportunity to become a real local actor to success on long term rescue plan. As well he safe the life of the 53 kids and 10 adults that are leaving on place.

Following our more than 10 years experiences, SASS is becoming a referential in term of education and social works on the Aarubari area. This is a real actor and people know them very well and believe in their action.

SASS is social NGO registered against the Social Welfare council and all the accounts controlled as well by the Nepal government; but by all the NGO that are helping SASS.

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