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Promouvoir le bien être des femmes noires en France : rencontres & partages pour s'épanouir

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Notre mission

Sistah Circle Paris  

Black women in France together to celebrate us. 

We encourage SISTAHS to step into our power and our beauty

We aim to move ourselves forward as individual Black Women and as a community. 


We create connections, moments and events to develop our mental and physical wellness, instill self-care as a practice and promote paths of sustainable financial health. 

Our friends and allies align themselves with us on our journey.


1) UPLIFT Sistahs. Explore Paris culture and blossom as Black Women 

2) SHARE. Promote African and African American culture, arts and intellectual life in our conversations and in our actions.
3) LEARN through workshops and events 
4) THRIVE.  Instill practices of self-care. On-going reminders to our wellness. Promote one another on social media. 



And why you should join? Lists of activities:



African American expatriate women and other women from the African diaspora who come together to feel at home

  • Quarterly meetings to uplift and expand what we know and who we know 
  • Going to concerts, plays and museums as a group
  • Welcome and Share Gatherings when inspiring people come to Paris



Black women and our allies

  • Share our African heritage through events 
  • Create inclusion with our allies and their connections 
  • Organize events focusing on our artists and intellectuals  
  • Announce events concerning black women on our social platforms 
  • Inform the public about our goods and services on our social platforms 




  • How to walk as our highest selves in a world where racism/rightwing/facism are increasing.
  • How to integrate unapologetically Black identities & influences into Paris life
  • Spiritual growth: How to feel united with oneself
  • Political awareness: Understand the history of Africans and African Americans and how it impacts and is impacted by global politics 


  • Sistahood-Foster community attention so all sistahs rise.
  • Belonging to a circle of sistahs and allies
  • Events to celebrate being black women in Paris


Siège social

271 Rue Saint-Denis 75002 Paris

Site internet


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