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Adhésion valable du 17/07/2019 au 17/07/2020

Join Sistah Circle Paris

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Join Sistah Circle Paris

And why you should join? 

Lists of activities:


African American expatriate women and other women from the African diaspora who come together to feel at home

  • Quarterly meetings to uplift and expand what we know and who we know 
  • Going to concerts, plays and museums as a group
  • Welcome and Share Gatherings when inspiring people come to Paris


Black women and our allies

  • Share our African heritage through events 
  • Create inclusion with our allies and their connections 
  • Organize events focusing on our artists and intellectuals  
  • Announce events concerning black women on our social platforms 
  • Inform the public about our goods and services on our social platforms  



  • How to walk as our highest selves in a world where racism/rightwing/facism are increasing.
  • How to integrate unapologetically Black identities & influences into Paris life
  • Spiritual growth: How to feel united with oneself
  • Political awareness: Understand the history of Africans and African Americans and how it impacts and is impacted by global politics 


  • Sistahood-Foster community attention so all sistahs rise.
  • Belonging to a circle of sistahs and allies
  • Events to celebrate being black women in Paris


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