Éducation et formation

Créée en 2017, Sistech soutient l’émancipation économique et sociale des femmes réfugiées en leur permettant d’accéder à des emplois qualifiés et durables de leur choix dans la tech et le numérique !

Nos actions en cours

Qui sommes-nous ?

Sistech is a European non-profit founded in 2017 in France, created to support uprooted & displaced women to access qualified & sustainable tech & digital job opportunities. It is now also implementing programmes in Italy and Greece!

Sistech delivers the Fellowship, a logical and progressive set of 3 programmes intended to accelerate the professional inclusion of refugee women in tech and digital jobs.

The programmes are innovative & holistic, creating a safe & enabling environment for refugee women to thrive.

So far, 71% of the refugee women supported by Sistech landed a new career in digital & tech, empowering them with choice and paving a way towards inclusion in Europe. 


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