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Adhésion valable du 01/01/2018 au 31/12/2018

Become a Member

par Social Good Accelerator

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I want to become a Volunteer: Free Membership with 2h Skills Donation per Month

Volunteer subject to team approval. We invite you to contact us on Facebook, email, Linkedin or Twitter with your CV.


Individual Membership, very small Association (No current employees)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 15€ / Standard: 30€ / Engaged: 50€

Entreprise/Non-Profit (Organisation with turnover/budget less than 300K/year)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 75€ / Standard: 150€ / Engaged: 250€

Entreprise/Non-Profit (Organisation with turnover/budget between 300K - 3M/year)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 150€ / Standard: 300€ / Engaged: 500€

Entreprise/Non-Profit (Organisation with turnover/budget between 3M - 30M/year)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 350€ / Standard: 600€ / Engaged: 1000€

Entreprise/Non-Profit (Organisation with turnover/budget more than 30M/year)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 750€ / Standard: 1200€ / Engaged: 2000€

Company listed on the stock exchange (SBF 120, EuroNext)

Suggested rates: Affordable: 1500€ / Standard: 2500€ / Engaged: 5000€

Become a organisational partner for 2018 projects: contact us

Contact: 2 projects to fund in 2018: European Study & the Social Good Accelerator at Web Summit 2018 (Lisbon, November 5-8)

10000,00 €

Souhaitez-vous ajouter un don à Social Good Accelerator en plus de votre adhésion ?

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Votre don ne vous coûtera que 0 € après réduction fiscale

Become a Member

Launched as a collective with a delegation of representatives of Social Innovation during Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, the Social Good Accelerator is now an association. We are a A Think & Do Tank that aims to create the ideal political and economic conditions to accelerate the collaborations between tech innovators and social innovators in Europe.

Membership fees are flexible, based off of the size of your structure and your level of commitment. 

By joining, you are automatically: 

- Subscriber to our monthly newsletter which lists all the news, good practices and events of the European social & digital innovation community as well as proposals for help from companies in the Tech sector. 
- Guests previewed the events organized by the collective. 
- You benefit from preferential rates for partner events (Web Summit, etc.)

And also :

- you integrate a living and diversified community (associations, companies, communities), animated by monthly breakfasts on our themes;
- your organization integrates online dynamic mapping (coming soon)
- you can join dedicated working groups: Studies, Events, Advocacy and Institutional Relations, Digital Tools
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