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Why to support us ?

Sweet Dream is a non profit organisation whose intention is to make Nonviolent Communication known to as many people as possible and to contribute to social change through the production and distribution of films and documentaries. 

Your support will allow us to finance future films on Nonviolent Communication and to distribute them in various channels and countries.

 NVC is a process developed in the 1970s by an American psychologist, Marshall Rosenberg, collaborator of Carl Rogers and pioneer of so-called "positive" psychology.

Convinced that "Violence is the tragic expression of unmet needs," Marshall Rosenberg developed a tool, NVC, which helps to decode feelings and needs hidden behind a violent message or behavior.

Thanks to this  decoding, we can transform our expression and avoid violence. Mutual emphatic listening is at the heart of this powerful process


See our previous productions

 Our  youtube channel

Documentary " Teachers who change the school"
Teachers who change the school - the film - YouTube

The film tells the story of Charlotte, a French teacher, who discovered Non-violent Communication, and adopted it as part of her professional practice. Seeing the changes achieved, colleagues and students wanted to know more. Little by little: the whole atmosphere of the school was transformed....

Documentary " Words that liberate"
Words that liberate / Ces mots qui libèrent - YouTube

 "Words that liberate" takes place in jail, in Portland and Seattle. Inmates discover Nonviolent Communication. They find appeasement and reconnect with their humanity. We see the positive effects of this approach on their behavior and their community.

Documentary " Women daring peace""
Women daring peace/ Ces femmes qui osent la paix 

In this film you will meet Anat and Nadia, two women who became friends through non-violent communication. Together they decided to contribute to a step towards peace by organising meetings between Jews and Arabs. Through empathetic listening and awareness of their feelings and needs, Palestinians and Israelis see each other in a whole new way.

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