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TOGO 2018

par Terre d'Azur

TOGO 2018 - Terre d'Azur

Finance Terre d'Azur to treat, train and help the Togolese population for a mission in October 2018

Project display

Since its creation, Terre d'Azur has four objectives: to care, train, educate and equip. In 2018, the association will carry out its twelfth annual mission to Togo, which has been developing surgical activities on the Tsévié and Afagnan sites for the past four years. Multidisciplinary consultations are carried out in two dispensaries (Ahepe then Kpomé) by general practitioners, a pediatrician, a pulmonologist, an otolaryngologist, ophthalmologists, a dentist and a physiotherapist. Nurses are also present. A stock of drugs is brought during each mission. Ophthalmology patients are operated by the same team in Tsévié Hospital. At the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital in Afagnan, orthopedic surgeons (including Professor BOILEAU), otolaryngology surgeons, pediatric surgeons come to operate patients recruited by other members of Terre d'Azur or from directly consult at the hospital.

Orthopedic team with Pr Boileau

Teaching by Professor Boileau

Origin of the project

In 2005, Dr. Jeanne MESLIER DE ROCAN was commissioned to evaluate the feasibility and usefulness of a humanitarian mission in Togo. Since 2006, Terre d'Azur organizes an annual medical mission which initially consisted only of carrying out medical consultations in the dispensaries of Ahépé and Kpomé-Akadjamé. In 2015, for the first time, a surgical mission was created under the leadership of Dr. Beltran and Pr Boileau.

What will the money collected be used for?

The association has set up a system of agreements with Togolese hospitals, which consists of sending patients for consultation or to be operated without giving them money directly. Togolese hospitals send invoices for the equipment used and the cost of care. Terre d'Azur finances only the most serious cases or the youngest patients. Currently, Terre d'Azur pays on average:

  • 5000 euros for a hip prosthesis
  • 320 euros for a thyroidectomy
  • 440 euros for an equine foot
  • 625 euros for a genu varum
  • 60 euros for a cataract
Terre d'Azur also equips these hospitals with surgical equipment (operating table, hip and shoulder prostheses, operating ophthalmic microscope) recovered thanks to your donations but the routing remains a paying one.Helping Terre d'Azur allows more patients to be cared for. It trains local staff to use the equipment left behind and improve the quality of care. It is to educate on the rules of hygiene and good surgical practices with the means on the spot. Currently, with an annual operating budget of 45,000 euros, only 7% of this budget is used in running costs of the association.

100 euros of donations corresponds to 93 euros of care.

Thank you for your generosity

Cataract surgery by Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) technique

Our team

Here is a part of our team that leaves every year:

Dr Jeanne MESLIER DE ROCAN, president, pulmonologist
Dr Michel BELTRAN, otolaryngologist
Pr Pascal BOILEAU, orthopedic surgeon
Dr Michèle TERRISSE, pediatrician
Dr Bernard MORANT, dentist
Dr Jacques PAYAN, ophthalmologist
Dr Jacques SCOHY, general practitioner
Dr Jérome COUZY, general practitioner
Dr Cécilia LEAL, ophthalmologist
Dr Benoit AGOPIAN, otolaryngologist
Dr Sacha NAHON-ESTEVE, ophthalmologist
Dr Julien DICTOR, general practitioner
Dr Sophie NIEL, general practitioner
Joseph KHAYAT, physiotherapist
Hélène FERNANDEZ, nurse
Mylène MIALLIER, nurse
Bénilde LOPES TAVARES, nurse


Professor Pascal BOILEAU

Donner 60 euros

Like one cataract surgery

Donner 100 euros

Your help is precious to us

Donner 320 euros

Like one thyroidectomy

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