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A  collaborative play inspired by the real life stories of Lebanese residents. 

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What is the goal of 99 LIVE LEBANON?

99 LIVE LEBANON will provide a democratic platform to Lebanese residents from all horizons to share personal stories. This action will empower people and enable them to re-define what truly makes a living community, grounded in ordinary human experiences and not in autocratic authorities. In that sense, 99 LIVE LEBANON will accompany the movement that is now happening in Lebanon especially among new generations and contribute to the social healing of the Lebanese society.

In practise, the project will aim at writing and staging a new play 99 LIVE LEBANON inspired by the life stories of the web series “Zyara”. Writing workshops facilitated by professionals will take place from Oct 2019 to March 2020 to write short monologues in Arabic, French and English according to Genevieve Flaven’s original idea. Later, the new play 99 LIVE LEBANON will be composed and staged in collaboration with local creative team and 99 participants on stage and presented to the public in Lebanon by the end of 2020. 

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Who are behind the scenes ?

  • Geneviève Flaven, playright, director of the 99 project
  • Muriel Aboulrouss, filmmaker and co-producer of the Zyra series with Denise Jabbour
  • Michelle and Noel Keserwany, writers and performers,
  • Mike Ayvazian, actor and theater teacher,
  • Nathalie Ould Said-Le Gac, theater teacher at Carmel Saint Joseph.
  • The Hammana Artist House

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