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A Journey In The Bush

par The Animal Alliance Channel

What if we could give a voice to animals?


TAAC - The Animal Alliance Channel is a French non-profit association which creates events & projects that bring attention to the deep role that animals have on humanity.

From now on, for practical reasons, TAAC - THE ANIMAL ALLIANCE CHANNEL will help us on an administrative level.

All your contributions will be held by TAAC and allocated to "A Journey In The Bush".

« A Journey In The Bush » is a out-of-category road movie that will bring you into the wild of the African Bush in order to re-connect humans to Nature, raise awareness about interspecies communication and create a bridge between humans and non-human species.

In May 2019, Tippi, Sylvie, Marie, Thomas, Julien, Joep, Océane and Guillem—a team of friends, musicians, along with a filmmaker, a photographer, a bush guide and animal communicators—have encountered elephants and other wild animals across different locations in South Africa. Their goal is to turn their creativity into a platform for awareness and a force of positive change.

Jump into an immersive experience, in which we will invite animals to share their messages through intuitive communication.


Around the planet, unspoiled natural areas are progressively shrinking, desertification is increasing and resources are depleting. We are placing an increasing burden on our planet. This situation brings humans into conflict with all wildlife and this plight can be witnessed most dramatically with the herds of elephants in Africa who are eventually considered a threat, or a resource themselves and killed. In order to address this situation and alleviate the conflict of resources and eliminate the on-going global trade in ivory, lots of alternatives have already been implemented but with mitigated results. Our humane responsibility is to elaborate, innovate and experiment with programs that allow both wild animals and humans to survive together, sharing the same land in a state of peaceful coexistence. Given that objective we need to take the animals’ perspective into consideration. To what extent can they help us reconnect to the forgotten memories of a time when humans lived with respect for nature’s laws, a part of nature not apart from it?

We strongly believe that interspecies communication can create ways to restore a deeper relationship between us and all living creatures.

“There are different levels of communication possible, but everyone has the inner capacity of communicating with animals—it is natural. We have only forgotten it and it is totally our decision to choose to open up again and develop this ability to experience animals' perspectives and expand our natural telepathic abilities. We can all remember how to listen and perceive the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul. The universal language of intuitive communication allows us to use our natural intuition and abilities to communicate with other species. By sharing information with another being, we increase mutual understanding and can work towards the resolution of issues in our relationships”. (Anna Breytenbach).

This out-of-category road movie documentary will be a live experience of reconnection between humans & Nature and inter-species communication in connection with the sensory world of wildlife. You will discover a world of sounds, sensations, images and emotions as you journey with elephants through the South African bush; alive with such rich biodiversity and wildlife. Immersed in this sensory environment, you will have the opportunity to discover their natural way of communicating at different levels and thus, get a rare glimpse into intuitive animal communication.

For this edition of “A Journey In the Bush”, we chose to be self-produced. Thus, are not supported by a big production company or TV Channel. Therefore, we shall fund the production of our movie ourselves with alternative ways such as fundraisings.

This autonomy will allow us to express our vision in the way we believe is a suitable approach for this particular subject. We are able then to radically express ourselves without following an editorial guideline. As a consequence, we humbly need your help and support to finance this film, in order to transform this force of creativity into a force for awareness and to let the animals voices be heard!

Within our team, we are all elevated by this project. We are bringing all our love, passion and creativity into it. Our intentions are strong and we believe in the potential impact of this process. That is why we are all partly co-funding this production with 5000€ from our personal funds and are dedicating our lives to this project right now.

We previously launched a first crowdfunding campaign on Ulule that you can see here: https://fr.ulule.com/a-journey-in-the-bush/. This initial campaign ended in June and we already received so much love and support from all over the world. We are so grateful! 

We reached the first phase goal of 12 000€ successfully in a short space of time! We have almost reached the second phase but not quite! And we will also need some final further support to amplify the impact and reach through the final phases.

But we can achieve them now! With your help and support we can let the voices and calls of the animals that share this planet with us be heard and understood!

In the film industry, all the budgets exist. Although we have a humble approach towards the animals but we have the bold ambition to create a well researched and documented movie that will be visually breathtaking and audibly hypnotic and deeply moving in ways that will reach into the bottom of your heart.

To continue to bring this project to the global community we need additional funding.

WHAT WE ACHIEVED SO FAR :16 616€ which covered:

  • Music & recording equipment
  • Filming equipment (part of it)
  • Shooting (including travel logistics, transportation cost & accommodation)
  • Internal flights
  • Ulule (8% + Paypal Fees)



Post-production (the most important part!) : editing, translation, language reviewing, music, sound engineering  etc.
Outstanding filming/production cost 


Participation into Film Festivals
Screenings organisation (Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona)

Born almost at the same time as the very new Namibia, I was raised in the bush where my parents lived as wildlife photographers and filmmakers. I traveled with them in Southern Africa and Madagascar for the first ten years of my life. The photos and films from my childhood were published and portrayed me close to the San Bushmen, the Himbas and befriending wild animals.

After studying and learning cinema, receiving technical training in audiovisuals and in the Web in France, I start a collaboration with FICMA in Barcelona (International Environmental Film Festival/Festival Internacional de Cine del Medio Ambiente), the oldest film festival regarding environmental conservation. I am appointed the leader of the children section of El Petit FICMA.

Recently graduated as a Field Guide/Nature Guide in South Africa, I just obtained my FGASA Level 1 Diploma (the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa).

I earned experience in the field and gathered indispensable knowledge on animal and plant species in order to build and develop in such a way as to best accomplish my future programs of transmission close and related to children, in Southern Africa.

Directing films I wish to help reconnect Human and Animals as I have always known that they were linked from the beginning of time.

My best audience until now and my hope for our future being the children, I am the happy Director of « El Petit FICMA », the children section of FICMA. I trust the natural wisdom and understanding of children to make an alliance with the animals to create a world where we could all share our planet in harmony. I wish to pass on to the children the vision of the world I was given to enjoy as a child born free to run in the wild, next to my kin the animals. FICMA provides me with a family united to share the responsibility of making people change the way they make use and care for Nature, using the power of images.

My mother one day told me that, when I was 2 years old, I made her approach very slowly and gently a solitary elephant who was eating palm nuts in our camp, in Botswana.

We had decided to settle our tents on their paths, we were sharing this territory with them. It is said that I whispered: " Careful Mum! Don’t scare him, don’t make a sound! " Me so tiny in front of the biggest terrestrial mammal, my only concern was to protect him.

Each and every living being, being humans, animals or plants are bonded, interconnected. They can communicate, share in peace locations they love, in Nature. As for children and animals, they know very well how to, naturally. They know without having learned and been taught they make one with Nature, that we call the Living.

We are the guardians of Nature and animals are our kin.

Our world needs your joy and gentleness, kindness. It needs love, Universal Love.

© Ludovic Ismael https://ludovicismael.com/

Two years ago, I made the decision to reactivate my dreams. I asked myself what was really putting me in a state of JOY. The first thing that came up into my mind was : DOLPHINS. I feel that inside excitement, my inner-child jumping like a goat, of joy and happiness, only by the thought of swimming with Dolphins.

From that moment, animals opened a path into my realm and my consciousness.

Synchronicities started flowing. From a sign to another, I watch « Mère Océan » an exceptional documentary filmed by Anne Paris & Jan Kounen. From that, I meet Leina, such a unique and genuine creature, half-human, half dolphin.

It’s since this encounter with Leina, the dolphins and the colorful fishes that I know from deep in my heart that I want to communicate with animals, that I want to help them by giving them a voice. I want to create an impact on people’s consciousness by raising the vision and the connection we have or could have with animals and the living.

Initially, I am a graphic & web-designer. I am also very much involved in the Burning Man Community who literally changed my life, transformed my vision on humankind and showed me what breathtaking experiences and art-forms we could create when people gather and make their reality a collective and participative experience in which everyone is valued and can radically self-express him/herself.

Recently, the univers gave me the opportunity to create a new realm in my personal and professional life.

Everything starts with my encounter with Sylvie Robert, Romain Brasseau, Corinne, Eva among other amazing people, joining the team of TAAC and getting involved in the event production of Dialogues avec l’Animal. I meet Tippi and find a new family.

Passionated with music and arts, I want to create a bridge between animals, sounds and music. This is why I connected Parallells and Joep Mencke with Sylvie Robert & Tippi, creating the opportunity for all of us to do an episode of « A day at » while doing a bush walk.

But for the Elephants and the animal kingdom, this was not enough. We got literally embarked by the wild calling us and giving another color to this project that is now aimed to become an actual documentary to raise awareness about inter-species communication and reconnecting humans and animals.

The doors are wide opened and even if we are all stepping into the Unknown, we are asked to TRUST THE PROCESS. And we do. Along the way.

I can’t express enough my happiness and gratitude to be part of this meaningful project and do exactly what I love doing by connecting people, coordinating the project, expressing my art, bringing joy and magic.

A Journey In The Bush will open our hearts and wings to all. Thanks to wild animals who await for us and welcome us into our kingdom.

This bush experience is their gift to us. The movie is our gift to you. The channel is Interspecies-communication and music.

An encounter with a group of meerkats, in the Kalahari desert, changed my life. I quit my job in Paris and lived for six years in a tented camp to stay with them, as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer. Being given the chance to be accepted by these meerkats on their territory forged my love bond with wild animals, forever. They became my family, the Kalahari was my home. I gave birth to Tippi in the new Namibia where we made a film on the reality of cohabitation of humans and elephants. Later in Botswana where we had a camp I had  the very big privilege to meet Abu, the kindest and most beautiful elephant who linked me with the fate of these fascinating animals. Back to France I had no choice but being the powerless witness of the tragedy that was taking place in Southern Africa. Because of intensive poaching and the lack of land for them to roam free, fate was leading them to their fast destruction as a species. What could I do to help? 

This is when I joined Romain Brasseau with TAAC -The Animal Alliance Channel. We shared the same vision of reuniting humans and wild animals and we are building this project with the help of inter-species communicators whom with we are launching Intuiteurs Sans Frontières. I am so happy to finally go back to South Africa to meet again with the very special elephants  of Rory Hensman, Lawrence Anthony’s famous herd, and the elephants of the Greater Kruger.

I will be the "wildlife voice" of the group during this Journey, ready to receive the messages from the elephants. I wish we will convey our vision, our emotions about the wild animals we will meet, to help create a composition  of sounds, music and images that will immerse you into the Bush. IN THE WILD I TRUST. 

We are Julien and Thomas de Bie, two brothers, passionate about music and nature. Also known as Parallells, we are both musicians and music producers. Growing up in a jazzy environment in the South of France and now based in Amsterdam, we travel the world in brotherhood to share and spread our music and passion. We also created a music label and publishing company “Klassified”, where a community of talented artists shares their earthy and melodic compositions.

Sound is the most powerful way to communicate and music is a breath of the soul, melodies accompany you into contemplation and you have to be able to contemplate nature in order to protect it.

It is true that sounds makes you feel the moment and gives life to your sight. And we are familiar in trying to grasp these moments and make them live musically. “A Day At” is the perfect example where we collect sounds from unusual places, such as a ski station, a greenhouse, a dentist or even an organic supermarket, and translate these places into musical compositions.

 This passion for field recordings is bringing us to South Africa where we will record the sounds of animals and nature. Music has great power for change and considering the current state of wildlife, it becomes an urge to give a voice to life and nature.

I’m currently living in Amsterdam and my life is balanced around music and cooking. During the week I work as chef, and in the weekend I’m playing in clubs as a dj. When I’m not working, I’m feeding my friends and creating music. Both cooking and music feed the soul and transcend boundaries. They are tools to connect people and bring them together. In a world that is becoming more and more complex, and which moves faster and faster, these are the things that ground me and provide me with meaning and purpose. By focussing my life on music and cooking I’m able to spread love and creativity, and this is what I consider as my goal in life.

I rolled into the project because of my photography and music production skills, and maybe to occasionally feed my friends after a long day in the bush. However, my mission in this project is much more. Just as in life, my mission is to bring love and creativity, in whatever form, to this project - not that I think we are short of that in the group. The openness of this adventure makes it difficult to visualize what the result will be like; we don’t know what is going to happen. The purpose is to give animals a voice by capturing our adventures in the bush and raise awareness. I believe that focussing on love and creativity will be fundamental to a successful result. And only time will tell how this will all manifest itself.

I’m Guillem Ventura, a Barcelona-based filmmaker with a background in advertising, having directed and finished spots, events, and documentaries for big brands.

At 30 I resigned my position in one of the biggest companies in the country and decided to use my skills for better causes.

I found my current business partner joining him for “One day I saw 10.000 elephants”, a movie reviewing the times of colonisation: A reporter went to Africa in the 40s to film life in the colonies and became obsessed with the story he was told, of a huge herd of 10.000 elephants. He never realized 10.000 is too big a figure for tribe people, and that even if he had so many of them in front of him they wouldn’t be lining up in a field, rather mingled in the jungle where he was unable to see.

I believe movies have great power, hence carrying a big responsibility.

Environmental communication is the motto, conveying emotions is the key.

I want to take our audience to experience the depth and simplicity of nature, witnessing it with its eyes and ears. I think this is a great chance to give Nature a voice, all we have to do is listen. Then we may acknowledge we’re nature and we shall find that same voice within.

This shooting is a trip, so will be the movie. A voyage to the roots, to the magic of communication so different from what we’re used to but that’s hard-coded in us if we only make the effort to feel it.

It shall be empowering by putting us in our place, as inhabitants of a world that’s been evolving for long and its perfection is our biggest teacher.

I have lived across the world since my childhood. Uganda, Pakistan, Cambodia, Australia, Niger... So many countries, encounters, and experiences, which gave me the taste of travel and adventure but made me also realize the importance of sharing, openness, and communication.

That's why I became a journalist, and specifically in the broadcast industry. It’s the best way to continue discovering the richness of our planet, and share them to a large audience. Today I’m mainly devoted to the topics that are close to my heart and my convictions, such as the animal and environmental causes.

I will be one of the film directors in this road movie. My aim: transcribe the energy and the magic of this trip, through an aesthetic and inspiring film!

I am 17 years old and passionate about music, photography, and video. Since I was born, I am surrounded by animals every day at my house. Since a significant event in my life, I understood that my place is not anymore in school or to wait for years and years, before being able to do what I truly want or really need.

I bring this project in my heart because it fights for what I fight since always: giving to humans a different vision of animals and let them understand that animals need respect, love, and comprehension, like us. This movie will be a real way to change our behavior, us, humans, towards animals.

I will help the team for post-production work like editing, special effects, and motion design.

Since my childhood I lived surrounded by animals, dogs, cats or inhabitants of our forests. Born with the passion of horses, I learned to ride horses at the age of 3 before practicing professionally on the rectangle ring.
I used to work as an interior designer but my first passion caught up with me and I turned to animal art. I make portraits of animals in which I strive to reveal the souls of the animals I draw. Then animal communication came into my life a dozen years ago.

I have been practicing this activity since my installation in Normandy in 2014, where I have the joy of being an animals interpreter. My aim is too help them, and their humans, to improve their living conditions and to respond to the problems they may encounter.  
For a long time, I dreamed of being able to communicate with wild animals as well. This dream comes true today with the project "A journey in the bush" and by my long-term partnership with the foundation, "Intuiteurs Sans Frontières" alongside Astrid Clave and Eva Lartigau.

I have always wanted to contribute to making the human being aware of the living. My degree in ethology and my work as an animal communicator and trainer allow me to touch some people by explaining us that the animal is an an entirely unique being with his needs and emotions. With his own story.

I deeply believe that a paradigm shift will be achieved by uniting and collaborating together. “Intuiteurs Sans Frontières” allows me to join people who embody values ​​of respect, fairness, and conscience who all want to contribute to more light in the world.

The aim is to restore a harmonious relationship between humans and animals, by listening the emotional and biological needs of each one and putting back the animal in the center of his own story by giving him back his voice. By participating in the project “A Journey In the Bush” alongside my colleagues intuitors, I want to help a promote respectful coexistence between elephants and humans.

Veterinarian and biologist by training, I became an animal communicator, facilitator in personal development with horses, consultant in zooanthropology and Reiki practitioner. I live in Kenya since 2008 where I run a responsible safari and eco-volunteering tourism company.
Passionate about Africa and wildlife, I live on a farm surrounded by domestic and wild animals and I share my time between Kenya and France where I facilitate animal communication workshops to raise funds for the association PAK - For Animals from Kenya - of which I am the founding president.

I communicate directly and remotely with animals of all kinds. I have an endless love for wild animals and have established a special connection with the elephants and the tree hyraxes in Kenya.
In my first book “animals are my family”, I tell how animal communication has taken me on a spiritual path and has contributed to my personal growth. My second book is being written and I am deepening my journey alongside wild animals …

I see my participation in the project "A journey In The Bush" as an "intuitor" as a unique opportunity for me to connect with South African wildlife, specially elephants. To collect their messages, to connect them with the ones in Kenya, to transmit their guidance to humanity and to raise awareness of their protection. All that through images, sounds and the words that reflect the animals’ feelings as accurately as possible.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness that we are all united and interconnected in the living world and that harming the Earth is harming oneself ...

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