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Aura Noir / Obliteration / Vorbid @ Bordeaux - Rock School Barbey Iron Club

par The Insane Legions

Le 09 décembre 2018 de 20:00 à 23:59

Aura Noir / Obliteration / Vorbid @ Bordeaux - Rock School Barbey Iron Club - The Insane Legions

Mordant Winds Across Europe - Aura Noir / Obliteration / Vorbid . BORDEAUX . Rock School Barbey - Iron Club . 09 décembre 2018

The Insane Legions, en accord avec Garmonbozia Inc, présente:


After nearly 25 years upholding and reinvigorating thrash metal’s grimmest traditions for the delight of the international underground, in 2018 the Ugliest Band in the World will unleash their sixth full length on Indie Recordings, the semi-self-titled AURA NOIRE. With no overdubs or embellishments, the album underscores the band’s potency as a power-trio and reinforces their primacy among thrash’s primal pantheon. Aura Noire conjures the might of Venom, the versatility of Voivod and the majesty of Aura Noir.



OBLITERATION is a young Death metal band from Kolbotn (home of Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Lamented Souls among others), Norway. They play a cosmic blend of old school death metal mixed with the best elements from doom, punk, thrash and black metal. Now, in MMXIII, Obliteration returns after a three year hiatus with a devastating monument of death. Recorded once again in their own DIY studio at Kolbotn, to capture the band's fire on tape, “Black Death Horizon” delivers seven sepulchral tracks of haunting death metal.
Render your soul to the Black Death Horizon!



Vorbid is a band that likes to combine the rawness of Thrash Metal and the melodic and progressive elements from Prog Rock. Our main influences are bands such as Megadeth, Kreator, Death, Havok, Slayer, but also Pink Floyd, Rainbow, King Crimson, Rush.

Barbey Iron Club

18 Cours Barbey
33800 Bordeaux

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