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(means ‘‘Media treasure’’ in French) = Listen, Tell, Spread the Gospel

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HelloAsso est une entreprise sociale et solidaire, qui fournit gratuitement ses technologies de paiement à l'organisme Tresorsmedia . Une contribution au fonctionnement de HelloAsso, modifiable et facultative, vous sera proposée avant la validation de votre paiement.

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Who are we and Why support us?

Tresorsmedia is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901, which functions almost exclusively with the donations it receives.
Its main mission is to make the message of the Gospel accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their background.

Independent of any church or church movement, Tresorsmedia is a member of the French Protestant Federation (FPF) and of the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF).

Our slogan: Listen, tell, spread the Gospel

Your donation will allow us:

* To continue to update the website (16,000 mp3 recordings in french available for free)
* To keep financing the creation of CD’s of testimonies that we offer for free
* Fund the production of the ResKP ( rescued - ResQD) board game that we offer free of charge
* To continue to fund the production of the ResKP brochure that we offer free of charge
* To continue to send out mailings of testimonial CD’s or brochures
* To contribute to the travel expenses and technical equipment of the ResKP team

* To contribute to the salaries of our 2 permanent staff members (a job description/presentation of Hélène and Jean-Micaël Saltzmann will be sent to you upon request).

3 departments

Tresorsmedia has 3 departments of action and your donation helps us to develop them!

1.    The " spreading" department, mainly with the website

2.    The "testimony" department, with the realization of 4 free cd's of testimonies, a free illustrated brochure, a free playing cards and the ResKP live program. ResKP is a youth collective that was created in 2015 following the release of its testimonial cd, the ResKP CD. Since the release of the CD, young people have been telling their stories in live, with simplicity and authenticity, about how their faith in God has rescued them and transformed their lives.
One was addicted in drugs, another in pornography, another suffered from anorexia, another was abused, another went in prison but all of them came out of it!

3.    The "production and Media" department, with the creation of audio books, the dubbing of documentaries, the digitization and duplication of recordings and "Tresorstech", a free of charge technical assistance for churches.

To read our latest newsletter (06/2022), click here!

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When you finalize your donation, HelloAsso suggests a supplement for its operation. This is only a suggestion on their part, you just have to click on "Modify" to lower the amount of this supplement or even remove it by clicking on "I do not wish to support HelloAsso".