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Make a donation to UEKANI  - ART ANCESTRAL,  To help safeguard and preserve ancestral cultures and traditional crafts

in favour of Uékani

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Why support the Uekani Association:

We are a young association full of love to share 

We want to show the world the great beauty of crafts and ancestral cultures and for that we need your help !

Help the Uekani Association preserve ancestral cultures spreading their wisdom and art!  

To the P’urhépecha people, indigenous to Central Western Mexico, Uekani means ‘Love’, or ‘The love you give to others.’

Uekani works in order to remind us how much the world is filled of wisdom to share. By enabling us to have an insight into the daily lives of these communities through their creations, documentary videos, photographic reports ... we can show the world another side to these communities. Our mission is not only to ensure fair trade, but also to communicate about the culture, beliefs, fears, daily life and habits of these people who face a daily struggle to shun capitalism. To value the vibrant ancestral knowledge & wisdom, including the vast artistic diversity that makes Mexico such a magical country.

Uekani, made with love, for the preservation of ancestral cultures and crafts!

What will your money be used for ? 

  • To provide care and a pair of glasses to our dear grandmother Maria Patishtan
  • To finance projects for the communities : Education - ecology - support to weavers ...

  • To finance  exhibitions - screening of short films in France
  • To finance  the website, the shop and the costs they generate ( arount 500 € per year)
  • To expand our team and allow the project to grow to its maximum capacity
  • To buy materials for our artists ( weavers, photographers, video makers ..) & for travel costs (around 5000 €)
  • To Expand our team (Psychologists, Administration, Community Manager, Indigenous Writers ...)
  • To go to seek out and meet new communities
  • To move the project forward  and allow it to develop and grow.

  As well as many other beautiful projects !

Photo by Matti de Bruyne

The origins of the Uekani association :

Aurélie started the project in 2017, when she was a volunteer at a hostel in San Cristobal de las Casas he met Mari, a truly talented lady who had to be a housekeeper instead of practicing her passion, her art. Weaving did not give her enough money to have a decent life. So she began to make enquiries and realized the magnitude of the craft problem that was apparent in Mexico. This culture is gradually dying, one reason is that artists often lose their self-belief due to the counterfeiting industry. Some have even stopped producing instead selling the ‘fake’ products in order to attract tourists to their low cost without suspecting that they come from an ultra polluting factory and are made by exploited people.

Recently created, our association is innovative, up and coming and full of love to share

With the power of capitalism, communities gradually lose their identity. We walk, clutching our mini computers, that distract us from our surroundings. We  have lost the connection we had with Mother Nature. We are in the midst of the self-destruction of our future, moving us away from a healthy environment towards mass production, plastic, oil companies and fast-fashion.

Indigenous communities are our salvation and solution. It is time to turn back the clock and listen to those we once believed.

Poverty in Chiapas is abundant, most families do not have enough to simply eat, and even fewer have access to adequate education ... Serial production of clothing around the world and poor quality counterfeiting are leading to the rapid loss of traditional craft. There is a good chance that we will lose all our indigenous communities in the next decade if we do not do something right now.


To know and understand more about the Uekani association, please visit our website:

Photo by Nina Sarfas