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Paris 2016 Half Marathon Run for United for Hope France


Continuing to finance sustainable development for India's rural Poor

This 3rd campaign is to continue the work started 3 years ago now in the village of Tirmasahun in India.  The work is focused on 3 areas: water & sanitation, clean energy and education.

In 2015, your donations helped to acquire the land for and build a Community Resource and Education Centre in our adopted village of Tirmasahun . As 2016 begins, we celebrate the completion of phase one of the construction work: our building now houses two spacious classrooms and a sanitation area. We have a long way to go to raise the funds needed to complete the work, but the physical heart of our work already stands, as a 500 m2 oasis of cleanliness, greenery, respect and equality.

2015 was also the year our Clean Water project, done in partnership with Clean Water e.V.. UFH  is now the operator of a fully functioning social enterprise serving up to 100 customers in Tirmasahun with clean, affordable water and we have ambitious plans to expand into neighbouring villages in 2016.

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