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Paris Marathon Run for Development Project in Tirmahasun village, N. India


Support of United for Hope association project to provide toilets, clean water, light and a school to the village.

Please support this development project by making a donation for my 2nd Paris marathon run .  Like last year, all funds will go to United for Hope's development project for Tirmahasun village, north India.


Over the last 12 months, your support has enabled the following to be accomplished in Tirmahasun:

  • 50 sustainable pit toilets installed

  • Purchase of land for a community centre and kick off of Clean Water project

  • Installed street solar lamps in Tirmasahun to make the village cleaner and safer at night

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Campaigns (including group meetings, wall paintings, door- to-door awareness and demonstrations) conducted regularly in various locations in Tirmasahun including the two schools.

  • Clean Tirmasahun Week (October 2014): Organized a Cleanliness and Hygiene Week from Oct 8th to Oct 15th in Tirmasahun to promote awareness around littering, recycling, environmental protection and hygiene measures such as washing hands with soap.

  • Partnerships with local community and schools around government programs.

  • 30 domestic  solar lamps distributed to replace kerosene lamps

  • Building and improvement work at the two village schools in  Tirmasahun including plastering and painting classrooms and renovating the school toilets. We also hired two additional teachers and provided the schools with teaching material.

    Please if you gave last year give again this year.  There's so much work left to do.  And if you didn't donate last year, now is a great time to start!  The money raised will help to build the community center-school and continue to improve the villagers' living conditions via sustainable light, clean water and   energy.


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