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Escape room mobile ISS

par UniverSCiel

Escape room mobile ISS - UniverSCiel

Mobile "Escape Game" on the International Space Station: "Panic on the ISS"

The project

Associations Délires d'encre, UniverSCiel and Media Commun share a common goal of spreading their knowledge of science. Throughout various activities (classes, lessons, festivals) or events (Astro-Jeunes in Fleurance, Gers, France - Scientilivre, Toulouse, France), we try to (re)ignite the spark for science wherever we go. After various successful partnerships, our three associations decided to once again unite strengths to inspire people for space, space exploration and astronomy. What better way to do so than by actually sending people into "space"? That's exactly why we decided to create a live escape game based on the International Space Station (ISS).

What is an escape game?

An escape game is a live action game involving 3 to 6 people. The players are locked in a room, in which various puzzles and enigmas await. Only by collaborating and by solving the mysteries in the room can they hope to win the game. This concept is ever more popular in Europe and in France: it is a true active experience, a real immersion in a unknown, unexpected world. As active learning is one of the best ways of memorizing things, an escape game on a space-related theme was a must for our associations!!  To inspire as many people as possible, we decided to design it as a wandering game. Wherever we go, from city to city, from school to school, from event to event we can bring the escape game (and our knowledge of course) with us and share it with others!

So what am I supposed to do in there?

Without spoiling the scenario too much (it would be a waste), the players will be astronauts in the ISS. Following a debris impact, they remain without communications with the ground and must at all costs regain control of the ISS to survive. Without ground assistance, various failures will unfold. Players must remain calm and disciplined to save the ISS. We will of course ensure that the protocols are in agreement with what is currently made by the European Space Agency (ESA) on the ISS!! If the scenario would stop there, it would already be awesome, but we went even one step further! There are actually going to be two teams playing the scenario in parallel: one team of astronauts, and one team in the Houston ground control center. Not only do they need to get in touch with one another, but they must also find - together -  ways to solve their problems. Expect intertwined puzzles and twists !

And why is your escape better than others I already did?

We do not pretend to make the best escape game ever (it won't actually be in space unfortunately), but our goal is to make something as realistic as possible for the players. We want you to exit and say "Wahou, I did not know it was so difficult to be an astronaut!" or "Man, things are difficult in micro-gravity" or even "If only depressurization is the only enemy of the astronaut...". In fact, an ISS escape game has the chance of showing our contestants all the complexity of space missions and the power of cooperation in these missions! (No wonder most space missions are now international!!). To be as realistic as possible, we will have actual astronaut trainers at ESA, Airbus/CNES engineers and astrophysicists as technical advisors for the scenario! Expect the best! Also, because our escape room will move from city to city, we can with ease create new puzzles and adapt the complexity of the game accordingly (an easy introduction in schools, a normal game for adults and a hard mode for experts!!)

Tell me now, what is my money for?

The money will be used exclusively to finance the escape game. The amount we gather will help to implement the scenario, to create the necessary accessories/decorations and to make the experience as real as possible. To do so we will need (short list)

  • Radios for ground-to-space coms
  • Screens and cameras for surveillance
  • Smoke generators, heaters, lights, sound to create a stressful environment
  • High tech gear (3D printing, Virtual reality glasses, etc...) to make the experience truly unique

Of course we are non profit associations and we only receive money from benefactors and various associations/industries. All the money will be exclusively dedicated to the escape game!! Bonuses can be expected for those of you who make substantial contributions (privatizing the game, free trials, previews, helping in the development of the scenario...). All the help we can get is welcome so SUPPORT OUR PROJECT!!

About us

Délires d'Encre

Délires d’Encre is an association based in Labège (near Toulouse, France) whose main goal is sharing the scientific culture and the importance of reading. Acting mainly for children and teenagers (4-18 years old), the association also shares its passion with adults. Délires d'Encres is specialized in festivals, scientific events, conferences and meetings with authors and novelists. Since its creation in 2000, Délires d’Encre has acquired a large experience and competence in mediating science. The association has now extended its network of partners in the most famous space agencies in Europe (ESA, CNES) and industries (Airbus Defense and Space, Thalès Alenia Space). Today, Délires d'Encre benefits of a large popularity at regional scale, and is quickly extending its fame nationwide. Their main activities are: the festival "Scientilivre", the festival "Terres d'Ailleurs" and the organization/animation of activities and events for young people. "Scientilivre", a festival for science and literature, is today one of the most famous events in region "Occitanie". Its original format makes it a unique event in France, and has put the association under the spotlight, thus creating new partnerships with industries and public institutions.

Website: http://www.deliresdencre.org/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005016851686&fref=ts

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Deliresdencre


Ten years ago, Elisabeth Vagnioni-Flam of the Astrophysics Institute of Paris (IAS) had the idea to organize, in parallel with the "Festival du Ciel et de l'Espace de Fleurance" (Gers, France), a new festival to inspire young people to do science. Later, endorsed and helped by Roland Lehoucq (CEA) and Nathalie Palanque, she organized the very first edition of Astro-Jeunes. Her objective was to create activities for children and youngsters (4-18 years old) in relation with space and astrophysics, such as life in the Universe, the birth of galaxies, the life cycle of stars, space conquest and many others. Quickly, graduate students and post-docs of the "Centre d'Études Spatial des Rayonnements" (CESR), now known as Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP) - became the main drivers of the festival. In the aftermaths of the first festivals, the association UniverSCiel was created in 2012 to ease the organization but also to diversify the range of activities of its members. Astro-Jeunes has become, in less than 10 years, an unmissable event for space aficionados and their children. Since 2013, it is the largest gathering of children in Europe for a space-themed festival (source: European Space Agency - ESA). It also received in 2013 the "Prix des Jeunes" prize at the "Cité de l'Espace" (Toulouse, France) for the best mediation event in science and astronautics. Today, UniverSCiel is still expanding, by welcoming in its ranks more and more graduate students and young doctors from different laboratories throughout France. The association also diversified its activities, and is now involved in other festivals (e.g. "Scientilivres", European Science Forum 2018) and regularly goes into schools to share the passion for space with children and teenagers. In 2015, it received the prize "Lucien Babonneau" for the Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres of Toulouse, which crowns the accomplishments made by the association in the last decade.

Website: www.universciel.info

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/astrojeunes/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/AssoUniverSCiel

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTq0xAFawhLlxtkFY3ESJCg

Media Commun

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Selected astronaut

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Trained astronaut

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Invitation to pre-event and testing for 6 people

Donner 500 euros

Space cow-boy

Privatize the room 1/2 day + involved in the scenario process (optional)

Donner 1000 euros

Space pirate

Privatize the room 1 day + involved in the scenario process (optional)

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